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Our Dogs

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Simba adopted us in early 1996; he'd been abandoned in our neighborhood. He's half Golden Retriever and half Ridgeback. It didn't take us long to realize that Simba needed a brother, so we were going to go to the local shelters to find him a brother. Before we could, my brother called us, and offered us a puppy that was half Australian Cattle Dog and half Pit Bull.

This picture was taken the day we picked up Shasta at the ranch where my brother lived. It had taken Simba all day to get up the courage to approach the pack horse and sniff noses - a moment after this picture was taken, the horse whuffed - and Simba ran underneath the house.

So, Shasta - on the right - joined the family. This picture was taken about a year later when we took the boys camping at Pine Crest National Park up in the High Sierras above Sonora, California.

Shasta, guarding our campsite at Pine Crest National Park.

Shasta Simba Simba and Shasta in the back of the truck at ClearLake Mou, Simba, and Shasta relaxing Simba and Shasta in the back of my new truck, 2001
STella (our housemate), Simba, and Shasta

Shasta, Simba, and STella shortly after I purchased my new truck in August of 2001 - and yes, it was foggy and cold that day.

Simba making Wolf stop sanding and throw the tennis ball

This is Mou's favorite picture. I was sanding one of the boards for a bookshelf I was making when Simba dropped his tennis ball right in front of me. I stopped sanding and looked at Simba, who as the picture shows was staring intently at his tennis ball. Mou grabbed the camera and took the picture - and yes, I did stop work for a while and threw the tennis ball for Simba.

Lucky, shortly after adoption

When I arrived at work one morning in early 1998, I noticed three dogs in the company parking lot. I called to them, and the Pit Bull/Boxer mix came running and gave me and my boss (who'd just arrived) a thorough face-washing. Soon afterwards, the Peninsula animal control van showed up, and I found out that the dog would be euthanized. I called the shelter and spoke to the manager, and successfully talked the manager into letting me adopt the dog, who I then named Lucky.

Lucky, visiting

My goal was to find Lucky a good home. My daughter in law Lisa took one look at Lucky, and said "Dad, he has a home". The picture on the left was taken when Shane and Lisa were visiting Mou and me in April 2003. Like Simba and Shasta, Lucky too enjoys rolling in the sawdust I generate when I'm doing some woodworking. The following pictures were taken at various times when Shane and Lisa came by to visit.

Lucky and Shasta

Lucky and Shasta watching while I'm doing some woodworking.

Simba, Shasta, and Lucky

Simba joins the crowd

Simba, Shasta, and Lucky begging for a treat

The three boys begging for treats from Mou. Mou was keeping us company as I did some woodworking in August of 2003, and because it was a typical San Francisco August day - cold and foggy - she'd wrapped herself up in a sleeping bag to keep warm.

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