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Pop (My maternal step-grandfather) introduced me to fishing when I was 3 years old; then, years later when he and my maternal grandmother were granted custody of me and my sister, Pop made sure we went fishing together at least once a month. Those fishing trips are some of the best memories and times of my life - which I continued with my son, Shane - and later, my brother Danny.

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Shane's first fish - he is 3 and 1/2 years old in this picture. The fish was caught at the Frontier Village trout pond in late 1979. Sadly, Frontier Village went out of business 1/2 year later.

Shane: "Dad? Do I have to clean this???"

Me: "No. son; the folks here clean it for you"

Shane: "Yay!!!"

There were barbecue pits in the park, and 15 minutes later, Shane got his first taste of fresh trout.

One month later...

Shane: "Dad? I want some more fresh trout!"

Me: "OK - Frontier Village?"

Shane: "Yeah!!!"

He's hooked...

Shane, at PineCrest - 22 years later (2001), with our dinner - and he had no problem helping me clean the fish at all!

Me, with the same trout at Pinecrest

Shane slept in the tent, I slept in the camper shell. The boat is a plastic 10-foot, 2-inch long double-hulled bass boat, with a 4-cycle 6 HP gasoline motor, live-well, night-running-lights, and 12-volt trolling motor. The boat is named "Lone Wolf".

Unknown to me, Shane took this picture while we were out on the lake at Pinecrest, trolling along at a whopping 2.5 knots per hour.

In September 2000, I took my brother Danny up to Pinecrest for camping and fishing. This Picture was taken around 4 PM at the east end of the lake.

2 hours later... waiting to catch the last 2 fish; limit: 5 apiece per day.

Later that day - dinner time! We fried 2 trout apiece, and hickory-smoked the rest. Smoked trout is an incredible treat, and keeps very well.

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