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Our Cats

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Harley pic 1

Harley was six months old when we adopted him from Cats Are Truly Special (C.A.T.S.) - they told us that Harley had been up for adoption since he'd been weaned - it was like he'd been waiting for us.

Because of my last name (Davidson), Mou's been wanting a black cat so she could have her own Harley...

Harley's proven to be the most mellow, inperturbable, and friendly cat we've ever been owned by.

Harley on top of the old cat tower

Harley on the top level of the old cat tower, circa 2002

Harley and Misha in the old cat tower

Harley and Misha in the old cat tower (Misha died November 1st, 2007)

Harley and Misha on couch

Harley and Misha again

Harley in the new cat tower

The old cat tower gave up, and Harley's breaking in the new one

Rascal, the first week

Rascal was also adopted from C.A.T.S. - he was a feral kitten, and thus for the first few weeks, we had to keep him in a cage so he'd become acclimatized to us as well as Misha and Harley.

He's now bigger than Harley, and the two of them love to wrestle and chase each other all over the house.

He's still very skittish, and is extremely camera-shy, but does sleep with us and on us.

Rascal hiding with the stuffies

Shortly after we gave Rascal reign of the house, he discovered an excellent hiding place among the lions, tigers, and bears (yeah, I know, I know) on top of Mou's computer desk.

Rascal on the bedroom cat tower

Rascal on the bedroom cat tower, June 12th 2004

Rascal and mouse tube

Rascal loves the rabbit-fur mouse toys; this one is a mouse attached by a rubber band to the interior of the plastic tube, which is large enough for even a big cat to insert its paws to retrieve the mouse.

Where'd it go?

The mouse just snapped back into the tube.

One regal cat!

One regal cat, hmmm?

Maine Coon indeed!

Harley just got Rascal's attention; a few seconds later Rascal jumped off the cat tower and followed Harley down the hallway.

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