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Wood Working

When my maternal grandparents were given custody of my sister and me, I had no idea that I would soon learn wood working - thoroughly.

My grandfather - Dad - loved wood working, and without fail, two to three weekends a month, he would work on one project or another; restoring furniture, building cabinets or hutches, building fences, rebuilding parts of our house or my maternal great-grandparent's house - with me as the unwilling and all-too-often recalcitrant apprentice.

As a young child, then a teen, I deeply resented the time spent planing wood, or using a series of chisels to create mortise and tenon joints, or ripping apart a roof and rebuilding it from the joiners up; all I could think of is that I could have been out with the guys working on cars or hanging out with girls...

Now, looking back over the years... all I can say is:

Dad, Thank You for the gift of your time, patience, and skills.

Wolf and Simba woodworking - or?

First - Mou's and my favorite wood working picture. I was sanding one of the boards for a bookshelf I was making when Simba dropped his tennis ball right in front of me. I stopped sanding and looked at Simba, who as the picture shows was staring intently at his tennis ball. Mou grabbed the camera and took the picture - and yes, I did stop work for a while and threw the tennis ball for Simba (click the picture see a larger copy).


Cat Food Stand

Storage space can be hard to find, and we needed a place to store Costco-sized flats of cat food and coke. Solution: build a shelf to go over the dry cat food feeder and below the cabinet overhang. Completed January 8th, 2006.

Mou's Printer Stand

Mou and I converted the third bedroom into a study for her; and with the new futon, a guestoom as well. In the process, we realized there was no place to put her printers. I had construction grade two-by-fours and plywood left over, so - one functional very sturdy printer stand - completed October 30, 2005.

Wolf's Printer Stand

I needed to squeeze two large printers into the footprint of one. Solution: Printer stand, completed January 16, 2005.

Configurable Bunkbed

Storage space is a problem in our tiny home, so I built a configurable bunk bed for our housemate - I started this in spring of 2003, and finished it in December of 2004.

Bathroom Book Shelf

Redwood book shelf for the bathroom, with grape leaves carved in the side panels. completed in June of 2004.

Redwood Coffee Table, book shelves, and camper shell

Projects done in 1979, 1983, and 1988.

Room Corner Table

The corner table that my son Shane and I built in1985.

Router and power tool safety

Books, manuals, and training do not cover all of the safety tips as I learned the hard way, when a router bit that was not tightened down well enough spun out of the chuck - and into my upper chest.

I now wear a high-grade bullet-proof vest when I use my tools, as well as hearing and eye protection.


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