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November through December, 1997

  Visitor: linda
Reference: surfing
 Location: florida
 Web Info: 
     Date: Wed, Dec 31, 1997 at 21:30:39 (PST)

  Visitor: Catherine Elisabeth
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
 Location: Detroit
  WebSite: Catherine Elisabeth's Haven
 Web Info: What do you want to know?
     Date: Mon, Dec 29, 1997 at 19:44:13 (PST)
Comments: I like your page. It is very good. You obvious have much practice and you have done very well. Congrats!

  Visitor: Mary Ann (Ayuhwa) Townes
Reference: www native peoples netfind
 Location: Orginial: Missouri,now Oakland, Ca.
  WebSite: the Wave-K
 Web Info: Theroies are helpful to maintain health and undersand the energies that heal through visions. Earth knowledge will lead one (for sure myself) to listen to the Creator's message. 
     Date: Fri, Dec 26, 1997 at 23:21:26 (PST)
Comments: I found that your writtings have a vision and your web page is an experience both painful and pleasureable. Why? I, feel that truth can set you free. When one is in the sweat lodge, sometimes the grandfatherscome and touch you when you are having difficulties with yourself or someone else. Within my heart's eye I see you Ghostwolf. Mary Ann (Ayuhwa)Townes
  Visitor: A'Lynn D'Acosta
Reference: Link from another guestbook
 Location: Philadelphia, Pa
 Web Info: Go check it out for youself enjoy
     Date: Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 18:53:54 (PST)

  Visitor: Kathryn Perry
Reference: Looking for Survivorship Website
 Location: Originally:  PA
 Web Info: 
     Date: Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 13:57:32 (PST)
Comments: I applaud your courage to publish your experiences, and hope soon to be able to read about your healing. My story is similar but is still in the writing stage and don't know if I will ever be able to publish it like you have. Take care through the holiday season and may the Great Spirit bless you.

  Visitor: Tommy (Dreamsharer)
Reference: I have been here before many times, my friend
 Location: Georgia, US
  WebSite: The Dreamsharer & His Songs
 Web Info: My music, with links to our personal page
     Date: Sun, Dec 21, 1997 at 06:25:24 (PST)
Comments: Dear brother GhostWolf, I just wanted to say hello again, and let you know I was here, visiting you. Your site is so inspirational, and it gives so much food for thought. Thank you for sharing your heart with the worldwide web. Love and Wolf Howls, Dreamsharer (Tommy)

  Visitor: Bill Harbison
Reference: Search for wolves
 Location: Central Florida
  WebSite: The Harbison's
 Web Info: Dedicated to my wife
     Date: Fri, Dec 19, 1997 at 10:24:01 (PST)
Comments: I started going through your web site, but am at work, saw your Indian page and HAD to sign in. I'll finish it later at home. Nice site. My mother (Canadian and english) always loved the American Indian Heritage, so do I, as well as my two daughters. They love wolves too. The White Man was tha savage - Weren't the Indians here first? Regards, Bill P.S. Now I think I'll add some links to AI sites.

  Visitor: White Wolf
Reference: The Brotherhood
 Location: Kentucky for now
  WebSite: White Wolf's Den
 Web Info: American Indians & how we interact w/wildlife, Endangered species
     Date: Thurs, Dec 18, 1997 at 22:37:38 (PST)
Comments: Hello GhostWolf, I am fairly new to the brotherhood and thought that it would be the polite thing to do and go from site to site and introduce myself, this also gives me a chance to see what everybody is like. I enjoyed the visit and will return, next time have some coffee brewed, huh!? Your brother and friend, White Wolf

  Visitor: Eddie Ingram
Reference: Brotherhood of the Wolf
 Location: Inverness, Scotland
  WebSite: Eddie Ingram's Homepage
 Web Info: Personal
     Date: Tuesday, Dec 16, 1997 at 16:54:40 (PST)
Comments: I called to introduce myself as a new member of the Brotherhood of the Wolf. I really enjoyed my visit to your page. Greetings from Scotland.

  Visitor: Sita
Reference: The guy said you take a left, then a right, the a left again, can't miss it
 Location: Australia...otherwise known as Kangaroo country.
  WebSite: The World of Sita Atis
 Web Info: why don't you just visit it? *that is the most obvious hint I can give* oh's mainly on poetry and other stuff
     Date: Sat, Dec 13, 1997 at 00:18:13 (PST)
Comments: Fascinating site, I must say, oh jolly good (that sentence sounds sooo old fashion :) Anyway, I don't feel I have to compliment you any further, no doubt the other hundred guests have said it all. You know it's good, THEY know it's good, I know it's good, so who are we fooling here? ..(I'm typing drivel..stop me quick!) oh yeah, and visit my site some time. :)

  Visitor: rik boyd
Reference: wolf link
 Location: ohio
  WebSite: none
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Dec 11, 1997 at 17:10:55 (PST)
Comments: Came here looking for wolves,found much more.Thank you.

  Visitor: Gina Studer
Reference: Just browsing for animations
 Location: Originally Western Ny.Live in
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Dec 11, 1997 at 12:58:15 (PST)
Comments: You are truely talented! I myself took some art classed while in school, but nothing I did could hold a candle to your work!! You should consider a job in art or something!

  Visitor: Jennifer
Reference: Through a friend
 Location: Canada
  WebSite: Concerned?  You Should Be!
 Web Info: Issues, links and news pertaining to Mother Earth, animals, children etc.
     Date: Mon, Dec 08, 1997 at 02:08:20 (PST)
Comments: I do not even know what to say to you, I have been sitting here reading your page and have been wondering where you found the strength and the courage to release as you have. In a sense it must be like a cleansing of your soul? I kept thinking that I could not possibly read one more word but felt compelled to finish it, if you could survive it then the least I could do was walk through it with you in written form. I have come from abuse, I thought I was bad off but my abuse was nothing compared to the anguish you, your sister and brother have gone through. Do you have any pictures of your siblings that you will be posting? I am so very sorry that the system and society failed you all those years ago, your next life will be doubly blessed for the suffering you have had to endure this time around. I will be back to check on you often. Prayers are being sent to Creator on your behalf! Peace! Hugs to you, brother!

  Visitor: Darke Wolf
Reference: I can't remember...
 Location: Someplace dark and cold...
  WebSite: Darke Wolf's Sanctuary
 Web Info: Poetry, prose, thoughts, and, of course, wolves
     Date: Sun, Dec 07, 1997 at 12:27:18 (PST)
Comments: I throughly anjoyed visiting your site. I knwo it must have been hard to put some of it up, but I admire your courage in baring your deepest parts to the world. I do not know if I would ever have the courage to do so myself. I'm looking forward to any additions to your site, and will be back to see if you've added anything! (You can also use any wolf images on my site if you wish, I can also send you some I have!)

  Visitor: Scott
Reference: Link
 Location: Toronto
 Web Info: 
  Contact: sofmed@email.msn,com
     Date: Fri, Dec 05, 1997 at 18:56:09 (PST)
Comments: Thank you for your site!!! I have endured my own version of what you experienced. Not nearly to MOST of the extreme's you have ... but also WAY too similar in certain areas as well. You have given me hope!

  Visitor: lizz zitron
Reference: blue maxwell awards
 Location: kansas city, mo
  WebSite: the goddess is in
 Web Info: social commentary with my own unique brand of humor! pretty graphics, too.
     Date: Fri, Dec 05, 1997 at 18:40:20 (PST)
Comments: I really do not know where to begin. I am crying right now and wishing I could thank you enough for this incredible site. I wish I could do something for you for being so amazing, brave, and generous. Please finish your story; I need to hear the rest of it. You write in such an honest, straight forward way that I feel humbled. I am so glad I found your site. I am not an abuse survivor, but all of my friends are. IT sometimes amazes me that all of my female friends, and a good deal of my male ones, including my boyfriend, have been sexually abused. IT is astounding how rampant abuse is. I often feel as if I am abnormal. I am so amazed at your strength and the strength of my friends. I hope your life is full of blessings and love. Thanks again, Lizz

  Visitor: Lori Crews
Reference: Returning your visit - thanks!
 Location: Houston, TX
  WebSite: Lori's House
 Web Info: Sixty pages of everything you can think of!
     Date: Thurs, Dec 04, 1997 at 06:49:36 (PST)
Comments: This is a really nice site. I love your theme and backgrounds. Keep up the good work!

  Visitor: Terry L. Fesler
Reference: Referring page
 Location: Three Rivers, Michigan
  WebSite: Children's Rights Advocacy
 Web Info: System Failure Information
     Date: Tuesday, Dec 02, 1997 at 17:29:03 (PST)
Comments: It is my prayer and hope that someday our society, social services and the court system may actually work to protect our most precious resource, the children. Until then the Internet may be one of the most significant factors in presenting these issues and building awareness of the needs our children have and their rights to society's protection and respect for children and a child's rights to the many wonders and positive experiences of childhood. The rights of all children to learn and grow while experiencing the wonder and joy of life is also an important need for any civilized society to be motivated to encourage and protect its own future. Honochenokeh: Spirits of good will among the Iriquois Indians. They are the elemental beings of nature, the invisible helpers! Pronounced Hono chen okay.

  Visitor: andy efremov
Reference: Just very lucky I guess
 Location: Mississauga, ontario, Canada
  WebSite: When I get it together k1
 Web Info: It might be half a good as yours.
     Date: Sun, Nov 30, 1997 at 22:39:34 (PST)
Comments: Your page is great. Is your work in a studio yet? I was compeled to sigh the book after seeing back-off. Uhh...I'll be going now, But I shall return. What would it take to get you to draw my a pic of a trout. I know I've no right to ask. Or do I? Take it ez.

  Visitor: Laurie Goff
Reference: information you gave me
 Location: East Texas
  WebSite: none yet
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Nov 28, 1997 at 23:32:14 (PST)
Comments: Hi GW... I wanted to thank you, first of all, for the information about wolves on your son will love reading that part of your site. Your history is so gut-wrenchingly powerful, GW. I cannot imagine the courage it must have taken to prepare this site. You have my sincere admiration and respect. I will be forever grateful that I was able to meet you and amou and all the others at geode's memorial. To see so many survivors in one place, together, helping each other...and no longer *just* surviving, but actually beginning to live our lives...well, the only word I can come up with is inspirational. I look so forward to the day when there will be no more survivors. When there will be no more abuse. When our children, and our grandchildren, and their grandchildren can grow in peace, in love, in happiness and contentment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for that, and all the other's I've met on the net, have given me hope....I can now see a future that I'm actually a part of. Laurie Goff

  Visitor: Mary Ann
Reference: Search for MPD sites
 Location: Mass
  WebSite: Grizz and Kyttens Homepage
 Web Info: Still underconstruction...looking for links to mpd and other sites...must see to understand
     Date: Fri, Nov 28, 1997 at 20:19:43 (PST)
Comments: One of few pages on MPD/DID I have found that actually deal with MPD/DID

  Visitor: Allan
Reference: web ring
 Location: Louisiana
  WebSite: Allan`s Place
 Web Info: family site
     Date: Wed, Nov 26, 1997 at 21:18:59 (PST)
Comments: You have a very nice site..I really enjoyed my visit here.

  Visitor: Michael Connors
Reference: surfing
 Location: Dansville, New York
  WebSite: Pathway of the Heart
 Web Info: Still evolving 
     Date: Wed, Nov 26, 1997 at 20:27:41 (PST)
Comments: This has to be one of the most powerful sites I have found as yet. As a sexual abuse survivor I felt at times I was reading my own words. Problem is ... I could never express it as well as you have. I also have used poetry to find some kind of release. I have book marked your site as it is not one I want to just rush through. Thank you for sharing your life.

Love is the way to peace. . .

  Visitor: Brken-Toy
Reference: search engines
 Location: the net
  WebSite: Shifter.html
 Web Info: Is a channel webpage for survivors to irc chat in a safe place
     Date: Wed, Nov 26, 1997 at 12:04:26 (PST)
Comments: Hi, I love you page. It is well put together :) I hope to have the time to follow all the links in time ;) I also would like to link your site to help others find it :)Please let me know by email if that is alright with you :) Thanx :) Brken-Toy

  Visitor: Jim Dowers
Reference: Surfing wolf locations
 Location: Orange Vermont
  WebSite: none at this time - I'm new to the net
 Web Info: 
     Date: Tuesday, Nov 25, 1997 at 19:19:59 (PST)
Comments: If I had my choice, I would change this skin of a human for the fang, fur and claw of a wolf. Someday, I will reach Montana, and see a wolf in its own world - I pray that, that wolf will be willing to share its world with me. Have a happy Thanksgiving and God Bless! WolfHawk One who seeks, To speak, To the moon, On its own level.

  Visitor: LT Glidewell, Kenneth
Reference: By chance
 Location: Stationed in Grafenwoehr, Germany US ARMY
  WebSite: none
 Web Info: 
     Date: Tuesday, Nov 25, 1997 at 06:44:15 (PST)
Comments: I think you have a great site here on one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Keep up the good work.

  Visitor: Kathy
Reference: a link from another web page
 Location: New Jersey
  WebSite: A New Start
 Web Info: trying to heal from the pain  of abuse
     Date: Tuesday, Nov 25, 1997 at 06:05:33 (PST)
Comments: My oh my....*sigh*....I am sitting here crying. I have been at your site for almost 1 hours reading your story ~ what can I say? I am overwhelmed here at the moment. It saddens me still with every story that I read. Why were we ( survivors of abuse ) so afraid? Heck ~ I still am and I am 47 years old. ( BTW - my maiden name was Davison without the d in the middle ) ~ It was still so hard to tell my Mom at this age, so I understand about children NOT telling. But that has to be re-enforced, and by pages such as ours I hope others witll speak out against these atrocities. I admire your strength and courage and wish you peace and comfort in your life. Bless You!

  Visitor: Gary Marcos
Reference: I just clicked away
 Location: Walnut Creek, California
  WebSite: Gary Marcos's Home Page
 Web Info: Sport & Misc. links
     Date: Mon, Nov 24, 1997 at 19:45:02 (PST)
Comments: I just wanted to let you know that i visited your site and enjoyed it.Thanks (I love the Mojave)

  Visitor: LadyMoose
Reference: The moose needed to romp with the wolves!
 Location: A livingroom full of moose.
  WebSite: The Open Circle
 Web Info: Poetry,Moose,Family,Earth,MP*,Friends, etc...
     Date: Sun, Nov 23, 1997 at 13:54:07 (PST)
Comments: Hi Wolfie! Just dropped by to see how you are and what you've been up to at Out of The Abyss. Also wanted to let you know that you are a very dear, treasured and well loved Wolf Friend!
~moose hugs~ Jese

  Visitor: EndlessSeas
Reference: wolf link
 Location: ...mmmm
 Web Info: women's issues, Estes and Jungian wild woman inner search, environment....
     Date: Sun, Nov 23, 1997 at 13:24:32 (PST)
Comments: Well hello there, This is the 2nd time I have come in here, since I was amazed at the candour and openness with which you relate your life experiences and crisis in living. Your voice is strong and clear - really enjoyed the posed composition of the photograph of you and your partner in life. Wanted to take the test introversion-extroversion but sadly see that it is down...Take care and may you continue to grow...You have offered so much in this cyber space. Go well and in peace EndlessSeas

  Visitor: Tyger
Reference: Divivded heart webring
 Location: Alaska
  WebSite: Tyger's Dissociative Disorder Page
 Web Info: It is a personal page with support and resource links.
     Date: Sat, Nov 22, 1997 at 18:57:51 (PST)
Comments: HI! Great Page! I really enjoyed browsing it. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Tyger

  Visitor: Dreamsharer and Lady Judith
Reference: Followed a wolf
 Location: Williams Holler
  WebSite: Williamsholler  Where Love Lives
 Web Info: Gosh, *blush*
     Date: Sat, Nov 22, 1997 at 03:33:30 (PST)
Comments: Hi! Have been looking at your site this morning. What a great way to start off a weekend!!!! You have created something remarkable here, just wanted you to know that. Judith and I send our regards, and our love to you both, and will be back to see more and more of your site over time. Gosh, Ghost, you are an old hippie just like me!!!! Hippies dont really get old, they just kind of mellow out more and more til they just sink into the ground. love Dreamsharer and Lady Judith Tommy and Judy

  Visitor: Lilith EmeraldLioness
Reference: Recommended by a stranger via email
 Location: Texas
  WebSite: BUBASTIS: Welcome to the House of Cats
 Web Info: We are devoted to women's spirituality; more specifically: Wicca, Paganism and Goddess worship. We are also vociferous supporters of animal rights.
     Date: Fri, Nov 21, 1997 at 11:06:31 (PST)
Comments: You have a wonderfully touching and spiritual site. I'm glad I found it. Thank you for sharing your life and experiences!

  Visitor: WomanHealer
Reference: You visited The Healing Place
 Location: All Of The Earth
  WebSite: The Healing Place
 Web Info: The Art of Herbal Healing and A Special Place For Your Inner Child.
     Date: Fri, Nov 21, 1997 at 03:07:04 (PST)
Comments: Thank you so much for the visit to my site and mostly I thank you for the kind words. I have just arrived at your site and it looks fabulous. My journey through your world is going to be fascinating and time well spent. When you are ready, be sure to allow your inner child to spend some time in The Garden.

  Visitor: Axel Jacob
Reference: answer to your mail
 Location: Munich , Germany
  WebSite: Axel's Homeworld
 Web Info: win95, NT, games, Antivirus, aquarium
     Date: Thurs, Nov 20, 1997 at 22:24:55 (PST)
Comments: Thank you for your kind words about my homepage. I was luckily surprised that you have found me with a search. I am happy that you liked my site. Have come to yours and had a look around..... yes.... great really like it too. I am interested in everything about north american native indians. somewhen in the future I decide a page about indians ... but that's ... Thanks again and you are always very welcome to my site !! axel

  Visitor: Jennifer
Reference: Netsearch
 Location: New Jersey
  WebSite: The Link Station
 Web Info: a virtual library of cultural links!
     Date: Thurs, Nov 20, 1997 at 09:36:49 (PST)
Comments: Absolutely beautiful site you have built. It takes a very brave soul to share your story.

  Visitor: nancy
Reference: net search
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Nov 20, 1997 at 07:02:41 (PST)
Comments: I am looking for a chat room to ask some questions...thanks

  Visitor: Sharon
Reference: Doug W, Mutual Friend
 Location: Sweet Home, Oregon
  WebSite: Sharon's page
 Web Info: Recipes,Gardening,Where I'm from
     Date: Wed, Nov 19, 1997 at 14:08:54 (PST)
Comments: I am responding to an e-mail request as a gift from a mutual friend. I love your page and it is well deserving of my award. Thank you for being out there for us all to be able to share our feelings and to find our souls.

  Visitor: Niki Ghostwolf
Reference: from your E mail....LOL
 Location: CA,NY,VA,Ky...but none ever seemed home
 Web Info: 
     Date: Tuesday, Nov 18, 1997 at 13:53:24 (PST)
Comments: your page is BEAUTIFUL !!! and VERY touching ! Pawz AKA Blubearpaw

  Visitor: Tsungen (Pierre de Courcy)
Reference: Destiny
 Location: Montreal,CANADA
  WebSite: The Meditation Lounge
 Web Info: Spirituality - Environment - Friendship
     Date: Tuesday, Nov 18, 1997 at 13:13:35 (PST)

Dear GhostWolf, Words are difficult to find to express how moved I am by your Courage and Open Heart. You have survided so much and yet your Soul remained a 'Warrior' for Peace and Justice. I deeply admire and respect you and thank you sincerely for sharing your story with other Seekers!

Your entire website is Outstanding and Inspiring. I will be back often for I am learning so much from you and your shining example. I was an abused child myself, not sexually but a young victim of violence on a daily basis. The scars remain but, like you, I prefer to be a part of the solution rather than part of the problem. With all my heart, I thank you for sharing your Heart and Soul with your guests. NAMASTE! Tsungen.

When you get a chance, would you mind dropping by my website and signing my guestbook?! Leave your banner if you have one. It would be an honor, thank you:->

  Visitor: Carolyn
Reference: Donna of Donna's World sent me your url
 Location: Seattle
  WebSite: Carolyn's Universe
 Web Info: A site of peace, prayer, love, personal growth, and angel pages dedicated to my daughter, Susie.
     Date: Mon, Nov 17, 1997 at 16:00:09 (PST)
Comments: Dear Ghost Wolf ~ Being an ENFJ :-), your pages have touched my soul!! What incredible courage you display!! I have been walking my Journey to Wholeness since 1988 and I still haven't faced all my demons. I honor you and your wonderful wife for sharing your journey. I wasn't able to finish reading everything, so I'll be back, tissues in hand.

God Bless You!! I wish you Peace, Love and Angel Blessings...

Namaste', Carolyn

  Visitor: Sarah Picklesimer Wilson
Reference: The Grateful Surfer
 Location: North Carolina
  WebSite: PRINCESS White Haired Child
 Web Info: Spiritual Poems, Prose, Stories
     Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 at 20:11:57 (PST)
Comments: I am very honored to find these pages on the net as there is an abundance of pride and courage sitting on the lonely mountain with me as I howl my primitive cries of love for mankind. You have shared much with many people, and for that you have Dignity of Life. Live with passion, Sarah Picklesimer Wilson

  Visitor: Teresa Chandler
Reference: excite search engine
 Location: alabama
 Web Info: 
     Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 at 16:54:02 (PST)
Comments: I don't exactly know why I am here... just that I am.

  Visitor: Whytewolf
Reference: you were recommended for my award
 Location: NH, US
  WebSite: Wolves' Domain
 Web Info: A tribute to my brother and sister Wolf.
     Date: Sun, Nov 16, 1997 at 09:32:28 (PST)
Comments: Your site has been recommended for my highest award - one I do not even accept applications for, but you are most deserving:-) I shall be sending it along shortly. Walk In Light.

  Visitor: Barb
Reference: From Serenity link
 Location: Florida
  WebSite: Homepage
 Web Info: Abuse survivor
     Date: Sat, Nov 15, 1997 at 03:18:34 (PST)
Comments: Enjoyed my journey through your pages----Thank-you :)

  Visitor: Noquisi Adawelagisgv' (Star Flame)
Reference: Surfing through the Native Peoples Ring
 Location: Alabama
  WebSite: Alihelisdi's Home Page
 Web Info: Cherokee site with PowWow photos, geneaology links, Native American site links and much more.
     Date: Fri, Nov 14, 1997 at 10:26:09 (PST)
Comments: I loved this site..It was well put together.. Had lots of information about the Native American People..I do plan to return to this site.

  Visitor: Waaban Aki Crafting
Reference: surfing!
 Location: PO Box 73, Storrs, CT  06268
  WebSite: Waaban Aki Crafting
 Web Info: Traditional crafts of the Eastern Woodlands
     Date: Fri, Nov 14, 1997 at 10:19:08 (PST)
Comments: We enjoyed your website! Thank you! We thought educators and others might be interested in our websites:

Waaban Aki Crafting: makes traditional crafts of the eastern Woodlands, including Native American games, wampum beads, supplies & kits; custom regalia, porcupine quill & beadwork, items using birchbark, leather, feathers, bone, antler, pottery, plants & metals.

For those interested in learning about Native American technology and art, we also author the educational website, NativeTech:, with over 300 pages of historical and contemporary background as well as instruction in the crafts.

  Visitor: darktide cluster
Reference: have visited before
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Nov 14, 1997 at 02:10:10 (PST)
Comments: brother... *hugs* we are very sad at this news. dear wolf, dear amou, take care. we love you...

  Visitor: *Juliette*
Reference: I just websurfed on in! *lol*
 Location: Palmer, Alaska
  WebSite: *enter* *Jam 'n' Jelley*
 Web Info: Well, this is my opening page, and it has a few things on it...but feel free to come see! :)
     Date: Thurs, Nov 13, 1997 at 20:42:08 (PST)

Hi GhostWolf,

I think that you have a *wonderful* homepage! I *love* your graphics and I have just began to search around your page! I just wanted you to know that you are doing a great job and keep up the wonderful work!

An *extemly* happy websurfer,


  Visitor: Peggy
Reference: The Grateful Surfer  sent me...
 Location: Amarillo,Texas
  WebSite: Peggy's HomePage
 Web Info: I can't explain it....Angels...My Message...
     Date: Thurs, Nov 13, 1997 at 19:01:45 (PST)
Comments: ~Mountain Dreamer Speaks~ It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it. I want to know if you can be with JOY, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. I want to know if you can be faithful and therefore be trustworthy. I want to know if you can see beauty even when it is not pretty everyday, and if you can source your life on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon. It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up after a night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done for the children. It doesn't interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back. It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away. I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments. [Oriah, Mountain Dreamer, Indian Elder]

  Visitor: Swirlview
Reference: ShadowRun's Lost Souls Page
 Location: Toronto, Ontario
  WebSite: Swirlview's Place
 Web Info: Comic Ramblings, beadwork, comic ramblings 2 *g*
     Date: Thurs, Nov 13, 1997 at 18:47:37 (PST)
Comments: What a lovely spot to drop bye! I couldn't see everything today... but will be back as soon as I can get some shut eye! The art and personal that I saw made me curiouser and curiouser! This background - the blue wolves - what a beautiful environment to write to you in! Love it.... Swirl... *s*

  Visitor: Susan Jensen
Reference: You stopped to visit my page
 Location: NC
  WebSite: The Jensen Family Home Page
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Nov 13, 1997 at 08:15:20 (PST)
Comments: Thank you for visiting my Home page. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I love your pages also. You are a true Spirit for the Wolf my brother. My love to you and yours Sue

  Visitor: Inweave
Reference: I've been here before ....
 Location: Vienna
  WebSite: Weaveworld
 Web Info: Link to my pages
     Date: Wed, Nov 12, 1997 at 16:46:07 (PST)
Comments: Thought it was time to visit your page again and say HELLO! *Howl*

  Visitor: Jozie
Reference: A Grateful Surfer
 Location: California
  WebSite: Flint Castle
 Web Info: Dragons, fantasy castle, links
     Date: Wed, Nov 12, 1997 at 13:34:05 (PST)
Comments: What a wonderful set of pages. Someone who was helped greatly by your openness and sharing asked that I visit your site. I am so glad he did.

  Visitor: Luddy
Reference: from a guest book
 Location: GEORGIA
 Web Info: Just a little South Georgia Hospitality
     Date: Sun, Nov 09, 1997 at 12:48:52 (PST)
Comments: Terry your site is undoubltly one of the most touching sites that I have visited. I have been here for hours reading your life's history and feeling much pain for you and your siblings. I applaude you for sharing your life and hopefully it will touch others to break the silence! My words can not express to you the deep feeling of heart-ache for your suffering and how proud I am that you are a Suvivor. The very best to you alway!
F ollowing link after link,
R oses are red and some are pink.
I nteresting people we all meet,
E ach one striving to produce something neat.
N ow that we've met via of your Book,
D on't forget to visit as you click and Look.

Best Wishes ~ Always!

  Visitor: Druid Princess
Reference: from another guestbook
 Location: Scotland originally, now California
  WebSite: The Realm of the Druid Princess
 Web Info: All about Scotland and the Celts
     Date: Sun, Nov 09, 1997 at 12:36:59 (PST)
Comments: Your page is simply amazing, one of the most thought provoking ones I've come across. Congratulations on an outstanding job well done!

  Visitor: Eve
Reference: an email 
 Location: Arkansas
  WebSite: Eve's Realm
 Web Info: an anachronism of interests
     Date: Sat, Nov 08, 1997 at 07:53:12 (PST)
Comments: GhostWolf,

Your pages left me speechless, and something that I'm usually not, is for lack of words. I'm takenaback at the story that you've written, yet I want to know the rest of it. I want to hear the good side of humanity as well, and it is present because you've written these pages, not only for yourself, but perhaps for others, as well. I'm glad that peace and love have found you with your wonderful wife, and I wish you all the best.

  Visitor: SkyeWolf aka Dana Pilot
Reference: Brotherhood Of The Wolf
 Location: New Jersey
  WebSite: Skye's Den
 Web Info: Devoted entirely to the preservation of the wolf.
     Date: Fri, Nov 07, 1997 at 20:36:22 (PST)
Comments: I think your site is beautiful. I too am an abuse survivor and now wife and mother. I have found purpose in this world but occasionally sadness too. The wolf has helped me and I turn to them when I need comfort. I have just joined Sisterhood Of The Wolf where I feel like I am family. I hope you get a chance to visit my site and let me know your opinion. Peace and serenity, SkyeWolf

  Visitor: Beckie
Reference: an anonymous e-mail.
 Location: NY
  WebSite: Heartbroken
 Web Info: About my life as a surviver of the death of my child. Links to my other children's sites and anMemorial to my son.
     Date: Fri, Nov 07, 1997 at 15:28:39 (PST)
Comments: I really don't know what to say to you. Your site broke my heart, but then it also made me believe there is away to survive this. You are living proof of that. I am deeply sorry for what happened to you. No child should endure such pain or torture. I am so happy there is a happy ending to such a horrible beginning. May God bless you!!

  Visitor: AL MAHA
Reference: Just Surfed On In!
 Location: Qatar
  WebSite: AL MAHA
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Nov 07, 1997 at 07:54:41 (PST)

Hello Brother ... Very Nice HomePage

Keep Up The Good Work :)

  Visitor: Bev
Reference: Surfed on in
 Location: UK
  WebSite: Bev's Homepage
 Web Info: Music, Backgrounds, Personal
     Date: Thurs, Nov 06, 1997 at 13:09:32 (PST)
Comments: Hi Ghostwolf Isn't it strange after reading your biography i feel i got to know you. I will be back as there is so much reading for me to do in this site. You truly know how to put your thoughts into words. I am looking forward to the page about your move forward as i notice it is still under construction. Hey i loved the graphic on your index page did you make that? Anyway see you soon. Love Bev in the UK

  Visitor: Ravenwolf Ohawe
Reference: Sisterhood of the Wolf
 Location: Tennessee
  WebSite: Nativevoices Listen To The Wisdom
 Web Info: Native American site.. dedications to the wolves beautiful graphics, poetry and a place where native issues can be discussed openly. 
     Date: Sun, Nov 02, 1997 at 14:37:22 (PST)
Comments: I truly enjoyed your page Ghostwolf was good meeting you and Mou. I am in the Sisterhood of the Wolf but also your native american sister in spirit. I was touched by your heritage page and your writing. Will come back often. Come to visit our home on the net. Would be greatly honored. Ravenwolf Ohawe....... Nimipo/Paiute Comanche

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