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Brother Wolf - the Warrior
This beautiful gift was presented by ShihWolf to all of the Brotherhood of the Wolf...

In my early childhood, I first learned of the Wolf as the faithful parent, protector of cubs and family... later, I learned too that Wolf is the Warrior, fiercely defending the family, willingly giving his own life that his family may live... I hungered for that, craved it... for my own immediate family saw children only as possessions, something to be used as they saw fit - and within my heart and dreams, I ran with the Wolf, free, accepted, respected, and truly Loved...

ShihWolf, Thank you.

I learned of Wolves at the feet of my paternal grandfather as a young child; learned of their loyalty to family, of their strength and beauty; of their value to nature as part of the flow and the circle of life...

I will never forget as long as I live an early documentary showing adult wolves caring for and feeding an older disabled wolf; of the adults sharing the responsibility of feeding and playing with the cubs, of training the cubs how to hunt; defending the cubs and each other from all threats... our societies would do well to study their example; our families would do well to emulate the Wolf - perhaps then mankind would end the abuse of the environment - and of each other and children.

I also see, sadly, the incredible mistruths, lies, and outright fabrications about wolves that our society, and indeed the world, percieves as absolute fact - and uses to justify the destruction of wolves the world over...

It is my hope that readers of this page and other Wolf pages can come to know and accept the truth about wolves...

I am proud - and honored - that I was named for this noble and beautiful being.


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