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So - Who is GhostWolf?

To find out who I am, you'd have to meet me and get to know me; however, the next best thing is to read my pages; that will give you a feel for the "who". I was born in the Mojave desert; my father was half Choctaw and half Cherokee, and my mother was Scottish, German, and Russian. My American Indian name is GhostWolf, and I prefer being called Wolf, though I do answer to GhostWolf and "GW".

I'm a senior technical writer, but am also somewhat of an anachronism; it is as if someone had transplanted an early 1800's mountain man into the present hi-tech environment. I am equally comfortable in both worlds; several who know me have noted this. Like the mountain men, I am pretty much a loner - I don't like being around crowds at all, and am most relaxed in the open air far away from the cities. So, you'd be right in deducing that I'm an introvert; INFP on the Myers/Briggs (Keirsey) profile. My hobbies range the gamut from camping, woodcarving, drawing, leatherwork, electronics, photography, and computers.

I'm widowed; my soul mate, best friend, partner, and wife Martha died on June 12th of breast cancer. Martha's memorial website is

Martha and I first met on the net in 1993, where she used her nickname AMoU (or Mou). Like myself, she was also a technical writer. We lived in San Francisco, and loved the City, its microclimates, and the fog that rolls in during the summer afternoons and evenings (though we disliked the city's politics immensely).

Mou and I enjoyed traveling together, camping, watching many kinds of movies curled up on the couch by our fireplace, reading together, walking our dogs, and more. Our two dogs are Simba and Shasta; Simba is half golden retreiver and half Rhodesian Ridgeback; Shasta is half Bull Terrier and half Austrialian Cattle dog. The cats that own us are are Misha, Harley, and Rascal.

My son Shane and daughter-in-law Lisa live nearby; Shane is now in the Pipe and Steam Fitters union, and is an accomplished auto mechanic; Lisa works as qualitative chemical analyst.

To learn more, see the following:

Woodworking - a very grounding hobby

Wolves - my totem

Photo album - pics of me, Mou, our dogs and cats, my son Shane and his wife, Lisa Heritage - American Indian page

Fishing - a very relaxing hobby, whether one catches fish or not! In mid 2004, my son and I restored a 1960-vintage 16-foot cabin cruiser.

INFP - the results of the Myers/Briggs profiling

Camping - another relaxing hobby, often combined with fishing (pics/link pending) Hobbies and Interests - an overview

Poetry - one way I express my feelings

Career history - or how I ended up becoming a technical writer

Writing - thoughts on recovery

Resume - HTML version or PDF version (download Acrobat Reader)

Drawing - another way I express my feelings

Router and power tool safety - a word to the wise about shop safety.


I am also a survivor of childhood incest, phyical, and sexual abuse. For many years, I took the "It's over, you're out of it, forget it, get on with your life" approach.

For some issues, this does work.

For other issues, it does not.

Some kinds of abuse are like scratches; a simple cleansing and a bandaid are all that is needed.

Other kinds of abuse are like a compound fracture; the damage can be healed only if immediate treatment is afforded. If not; bones, tendons, and muscles do not set properly - and even if the injury looks healed from the outside, the damage is still there, causing discomfort and even crippling pain years later.

One does not apply a "bandaid" to that kind of injury; instead, the damaged leg (metaphorically speaking) must be rebroken and reset that it may heal properly.

My web pages are one of the ways I am "resetting" those bones, surgically correcting (so to speak) those injuries. I am doing what I can do identify and heal each wound, to reduce if not eliminate the effects of those wounds in my life.

It is also my hope that my pages help others in their own recovery, and to help all keep themselves and their loved ones safe - and to recognize the signs of abuse so that somewhere a children, teens, and adults can be saved... Thank you for reading.

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