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GhostWolf's History

Enya: Boadicea

I, my siblings, and my mother are survivors of transgenerational abuse; my earliest memories of that abuse are from shortly before I was two years old. I am fortunate in corroboration from family members and other sources.

I hated the abuse and my abusers, and made it a point to memorize all they did with the goal of turning the tables on them when I got old enough, big enough. My hatred for the abusers - and my love for my siblings - drove me, kept me alive - and circumstances conspired to prevent consumation of that hatred - long enough that when I finally was in a position to do something, all of the abusers had died... and I had finally entered recovery.

This is my life; and my family's life... a history of abuse passed from generation to generation, and the impact that abuse has had... and still has... and how that cycle has been broken.

Since I've posted these web pages, I've received unsolicited validation of the cult abuse detailed in the following pages.

To those of you whom have read these pages before:  In 2004, I was compiling the bio in hardcopy format for my mother, and at the same time my sister Rachel gained internet access. When my mother read the account of how her mother Sara - my guardian - had lied to me about my brother being starved to death, she also wondered just what else Sara had lied about during those years when we were living with Sara - my mother and I subsequently worked together, and verified that the events are ineed real - and at the same time validating events that both of us knew, but had not shared with each other - and soon realized that Sara had hammered into us her version of history - in the same way that Sara had disparaged my mother's friends and companions when she was a child. The following pages are the results of long hours by my mother and myself.

Family History
Where it began - maybe. Matriarchalism, patriarchalism, alcoholism, incest

The First Seven Years: 1949-1956
Alcoholism, incest, violence. Caution: Explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, violence, and death.

Descent into Hell: 1956
The beginnings of the abuse. Caution: Explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, pedophilia, and ritual abuse

Christmas 1956 - Silent Night, Unholy Night
Introduction to the cult - and the distruction of trust. Caution: Explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, pedophilia, and ritual abuse

The Cult Years - 1957 through 1959
Immersed in abuse - by the "Family", the pedophilia ring, and the cult.

Caution: The following sections contain explicit descriptions of sexual abuse, incest, molestation, and ritual abuse.

January 1957 - Initiation
The betrayal of trust and introduction to the cult.

The Family
The hearts and hands that should have loved us, protected us - didn't.

The Child Predators
Rented out to a child-abuse and pornography ring

The Cult - Induction
Conditioning, programming, and training - rituals, chemistry, anatomy

The Cult - The Training Begins
The Beliefs of "The Family"

The Cult: Nature Worship
Nature worship - and candidate screening

Rescue - November 1959
Someone was watching out for us after all...

Aftermath - My Siblings: 1999
What has become of my siblings.

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