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Note: I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, health care professional, or social worker.

The information and links provided on this page are in no manner intended in any professional capacity. I do not and cannot verify the accuracy, applicability, and advisability of any methods, procedures, information, or processes contained on any of these pages and links; nor am I responsible for any effects you may or may not have as a result of reading these pages.

Always refer to a professional for any questions you may have and before trying anything you read here. In other words, don't do this at home without the full approval and guidance of your therapist and/or health care professional.

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12-Step Programs Children Who Abuse Publications
Anon Remailer Newsgroup Servers Domestic Violence Ritual Abuse Sites
Anthologies Hate Crimes Self Defense Resources
Anxiety Holidays Self Harm
Assault/ Rape Hypnotherapy Support Sites
Abuse Definitions Insights Survivor Art, Writing,
& Poetry
Biophysical Male Survivors Survivor Home Pages
Bipolar Disorder and Depression Mental, Emotional, and Verbal Abuse Survivor Webrings 
Bookstore / Publications Missing Children
Cancer MPD/DID  
Child Safety and Parenting Personality Profiling
Child Safety Webrings PTSD

If you know of sites fitting any of the above categories, or would like to submit a category, please email the URL to me.

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