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Heritage: American Indian

Why "American Indian" ?
...and not "Native American", "Amerind", or "Indian" ?

Spiritual and Cultural Genocide
My own personal view of how American Indians are viewed and treated by the government - and the people of America.

For further information about the destruction of the American Indian culture, please visit these sites:

Silent Genocide
This article - and the information referenced at the end of the article - provide a further perspective of the subtle but pervasive destruction of the American Indian culture.

Iron Wing's Children: A Souix Story on Racism
This is a very blunt and brutally honest view of the on-going discrimination and denegration of the American Indian, and will be an uncomfortable site for many. Clem Iron Wing pulls no punches as he shares very unpleasant truths that most would rather not face. It is said that "Truth Hurts" - keep that in mind as you read.

American Indian Websites and Links

American Indian Web Rings

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