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September through October, 1997

  Visitor: Maureen Sullivan
Reference: Native American/Rick Dixon
 Location: Montana
  WebSite: Morgeau
 Web Info: Just starting; getting organized on creating page & website
     Date: Fri, Oct 31, 1997 at 16:05:04 (PST)
Comments: Networking is my best thing. As a believer in Unity & creating bridges, I am dedicated to forming a bridge between cultures, races & religions. I practice my Native Religion & do healing. Please email me as often as you like, as I do answer emails!

  Visitor: Michelle Bartley
Reference: My Awards page...
 Location: MI
  WebSite: THE CAFE
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Oct 30, 1997 at 13:57:48 (PST)
Comments: Hi There, Just surfing through and visiting the sites that won my Award! Your site is as wonderful as always!

  Visitor: carlene
Reference: through excite a search for wolf sites
 Location: LA, CA
  WebSite: Carlene Cordova New Media Artist
 Web Info: I have an on-line portfolio of my artwork..included are some of my wolf paintings and I am including wolf info and links to wolf sites on this page. I am linking your site to my wolf page.
     Date: Thurs, Oct 30, 1997 at 13:33:11 (PST)
Comments: Check out my page for some nice wolf paintings.

  Visitor: meggie
Reference: surfing
 Location: Canada 
  WebSite: The Tea Cozy
 Web Info: Fun and different, relax have a cup of tea, enjoy some neat oldies and take a trip !
     Date: Thurs, Oct 30, 1997 at 11:33:18 (PST)
Comments: Your site is just wonderful. It is quite moving and beautiful - meggie

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  Visitor: Blu_wolf
Reference: Just surfed in
 Location: O'Fallon, Illinois
 Web Info: 
     Date: Wed, Oct 29, 1997 at 12:46:49 (PST)
Comments: Wolves have been a fascination of mine for a very long time. I'm glad to see others who don't belive the viscious lies people have told of these honorable, beautiful creatures.

  Visitor: Douglas Whitney
Reference: Surfing for abuse recovery sites
 Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
  WebSite: don't have one.
 Web Info: 
  Contact: private, like my phone number
     Date: Wed, Oct 29, 1997 at 10:05:28 (PST)
Comments: Just wanted to say reading your biography and writings have helped me a lot, and got me to talking now with my missus and kids about what happened to me as a kid. My boy saw me cry for the first time and just walked up to me and put his arms around me and just hugged me; then he thanked me for keeping him and his younger brother safe from what was done to me. He also told me Paw, it takes a man to cry, and you're a good man Molly (my wife) and sons have seen your pages too, and the missus says she loves your Wolf and Indian pages a lot. Thanks for helping us out by sharing your life with us. Doug

  Visitor: Tom lakeman
Reference: looking for info on satanism and occults
 Location: presently, new mexico
  WebSite: don't have one
 Web Info: 
     Date: Tuesday, Oct 28, 1997 at 19:05:27 (PST)
Comments: I think Jeannie will have contacted you by now. I'm a Police Sergeant and an instructor at the Federal Academy for Advanced studies in Artesia NM. Been involved investigating satanism and the occult since the early eighties. Actually I stumbled upon covens in action while I was on patrol. There has been a great increase in the number of RA's commited and the population is finally starting to speak out. I am developing a course for cops on the occult and want to get insight for them to interview and follow up with the survivors. Got to go for now Later TOM

  Visitor: burns brimhall
Reference: lucky
 Location: wyoming
  WebSite: none
 Web Info: none
     Date: Tuesday, Oct 28, 1997 at 10:50:47 (PST)

  Visitor: Terri
Reference: Link off of another site
 Location: Indianapolis
  WebSite: Vinyl Bunnys paradise
 Web Info: made up life of a 16 year old - very funny page
     Date: Mon, Oct 27, 1997 at 19:53:58 (PST)
Comments: Your words on healing from abuse touched me deeply because they were my words, words I do not yet know how to speak. While it has been 3 years since my freedom, I am still forever bound in the chains and shackles of abuse. Time does heal all wounds except that of abuse. I have earned to laugh again and love, but the fear is never far behind. It helps so much to know others have gone before me and have survived. Someday I too shall run with the wolves. Thank you.

  Visitor: Linda Parker
Reference: Spirit of the Wolf
 Location: Tallahassee,FL
 Web Info: 
     Date: Mon, Oct 27, 1997 at 09:02:01 (PST)
Comments: I love the wolves. There is something majestic, mysterious about them. I would like one day to become a foster parent to them. This is truly one of the most interesting sites I've come across. As I am 3/4 Cherokee and the Wolf holds much more than I could ever explain. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Linda Kay Parker

  Visitor: Darlene Thompson
Reference: Through aol net find
 Location: Galveston,Texas
 Web Info: 
     Date: Sun, Oct 26, 1997 at 18:51:40 (PST)
Comments: Dear ghost wolf I am suppose to be a decendant of Choctaw Indian Chief Mushulatubbee.My second cousin was suppose to have done a genealogy research of our family.Mushulatubbee is suppose to be (I dont know how many great grandfather's)a grandfather's of mine,thank you for letting me sign your guest book Sencerely handtlker1

  Visitor: B. Morton
Reference: Search
 Location: Michigan
 Web Info: 
  Contact: Wolftree-01@MSN.COM
     Date: Sat, Oct 25, 1997 at 20:04:11 (PDT)
Comments: Always looking for interesting Photos of Wolves and information on art work, as well as history and general information.

  Visitor: Ana McLendon
Reference: Links
 Location: Cullodin,Georgia
  WebSite: none yet
 Web Info: its all in myhead so far,at least until i learn more about this puter!
     Date: Sat, Oct 25, 1997 at 05:40:01 (PDT)
Comments: I just finished what you wrote for your son on fathers day,and it amazed me how close it was to my own relation ship with my father...and mother.I really cant put into words how much it touched my heart. I miss the times i spent with my father fishing,hunting,or even just watching the news with him.But now Im 22 and hes got a new family to take care of and im too big to be his little girl and climb up in his lap. But since I cant turn back time I reamember...I know Shane holds his memories close too!We...growing up in society today just get wraped up in everyday...that its easy to let time fly. I miss my daddy,I think Ill give him a call! Thank you so much for your words, Sincerly, Ana

  Visitor: LadyMoose
Reference: I followed the Wolfie tracks...
 Location: The only place in Missouri where a very large herd of MOOSE resides!
  WebSite: The Open Circle
 Web Info: Hey, you were there yesterday, have you forgotten already?
     Date: Fri, Oct 24, 1997 at 03:24:00 (PDT)
Comments: Hi there Wolfie, my Friend! I figured that LadyWolf may be a bit exhausted after her BIG day, and these moose are a little out of shape again, as they just hang out in the livingroom and supervise my work on the I figured the wolves over here would give them some much needed excercise! 8) (But then again, they did all do quite a bit of dancing last night!! *grin*) Have you ever seen a herd of moose with a hangover...not a pretty sight! John did manage to land a beauty of a blue cat this year on a one inch shiner...except that the little guy was only 3 inches long; boy did we ever have a GOOD laugh!! Stay in touch, my friend, it was so good hearing from you, as always! ~moose hugs~ to you, Wolfie! You know where to find me...

  Visitor: Ragnar MacAlister
Reference: Followed yer link in from where you signed my guestbook.
 Location: Mesa. Arizona
  WebSite: Ragnar's Page o' Fun.
 Web Info: Er.. Well, heck. It's me.
     Date: Thurs, Oct 23, 1997 at 18:25:14 (PDT)
Comments: Freind. You didn'a lie as you signed my guestbook.. This place in powerful.. Looking first at you awards, I though to myself 'Dear lord.. What makes this place so special.' T'was then that I looked at the other things here.. I've already begun counting my blessings, and in fact, consitered creating an award just to give to you.. You deserve that, and more.. Much more.. Blessings upon you and your house as you heal. Tacitorum more luporum Ore premunt voces

  Visitor: Anita
Reference: Through a Guestbook
 Location: Canada
  WebSite: Angels..some have entertained them unawares
 Web Info: Spirituality, friendship and family
     Date: Sat, Oct 18, 1997 at 11:20:49 (PDT)
Comments: Hi there, I am very drawn to Native American pages as I feel that it is one of the most spiritually correct forms of beliefs. I have a dear friend who is Ojibwe and she has taught me many life lessons. I tried to make a page for her and if you would like to see it, please go to True Love on my homepage...Your pages are smooth to load and beautiful to the eye..oh, that is a great picture of you both!! Take care and God Bless, Anita

  Visitor: Bob King
Reference: Hehehe... Long time fan.
 Location: Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  WebSite: Firewheel Vortex
 Web Info: It's Multiple Choice!
     Date: Sat, Oct 18, 1997 at 04:33:01 (PDT)
Comments: Hi, GW!

Maude says thanks for signing her guestbook. She'd say it herself but I think a book has her, or whatever she's up to inside.

I've got you linked on ABUSE and as soon as I have time, I'm going to ressurect my Friends page which got lost in transit to Geocities.

Oh, and if you happen to run into anyone on IRC from here that's looking for a roomate... : )

  Visitor: ShortWarrior
Reference: While Visiting Tall Bear
 Location: Wondering Plains, Ohio
  WebSite: The Reservation
 Web Info: The Truth About The American Indian
     Date: Fri, Oct 17, 1997 at 20:08:32 (PDT)
Comments: O'Siyo GhostWolf I really enjoy finding so many of my Brothers and Sisters on This Path called: The Internet. I have found that we all share so much Pride In Our Heritage and Our Ancestors, The Beauty and Spirit That I have found is so Pleasing To My Cherokee Blood. Thank You For Sharing The Wonders That I Have Found Here On Your Home Page. >>>--ShortWarrior-->> From The Reservation

  Visitor: Dorothy
Reference: Word of Mouth
 Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  WebSite: Friend of the Wolf
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Oct 17, 1997 at 16:34:28 (PDT)
Comments: Many thanks for taking the time to visit my new wolf home and signing my guestbook. My visit to your site has been worth the journey. Each section is beautifully done and very informative. You have certainly put your heart into these pages. May you find peace and contentment in your travels and may we all WALK TOGETHER IN PEACE.

  Visitor: Angie
Reference: Surfed in
 Location: Dallas, TX
  WebSite: Neumann's World
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Oct 17, 1997 at 13:10:09 (PDT)
Comments: Very beautiful and moving site. I was especially touched by your poetry. I lived in the Bay Area (Hayward) for 6 years before moving here to Dallas and I just loved it there. I grew up however, 10 miles off the Cherokee Indian Reservation in N.C. and my great-great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. I've always held a deep and abiding respect for the beliefs and customs of all Native American tribes.

  Visitor: Cori
Reference: You signed our guestbook
 Location: Canada - USA
  WebSite: Lightspeed Progressive AOR Rock Canadian
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Oct 16, 1997 at 23:10:17 (PDT)

Hello Ghostwolf from Lightspeed! You have an incredible page. Incredible graphics and content. Thanks for visiting our website and signing in. Hope you get a chance to listen to the Real Audio. Let me know if you want to trade links, I'd love to put you on our friends page!
All the best,
Cori & the band - Rod - John - Gary - Gene - Terry

  Visitor: Suninhereyes
Reference: friend
 Location: Florida
  WebSite: Abuse ect......
 Web Info: it has lots of diffrent subjects
     Date: Thurs, Oct 16, 1997 at 19:35:26 (PDT)
Comments: Your site is very impressive my friend.Your story on abuse4 has really touched me keep up the good work.I admire you for your courage to survive.

  Visitor: White Wolf
Reference: Friends of the Wolf
 Location: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
  WebSite: White Wolf Presents...
 Web Info: Canada, wolves, sketches and fun!
     Date: Thurs, Oct 16, 1997 at 15:28:07 (PDT)
Comments: You have a wonderful site! I would be honoured to see you join the Friends of the Wolf. I think Loup will be too. Keep up the good work.

White Wolf

  Visitor: DeiziaLoup
Reference: Friends of the Wolf
 Location: Blacksburg, VA
  WebSite: Friends of the Wolf
 Web Info: It is an amazing wolf links page ... filled with wonderful pages like these to browse and enjoy!
     Date: Thurs, Oct 16, 1997 at 15:28:03 (PDT)
Comments: I truly enjoyed this site!! I will dig through it all and look every where ... welcome to the FOTW and please enjoy take a look at the progress I hope to achieve!

  Visitor: tigerfly
Reference: webring
 Location: tennessee
  WebSite: Tigerflys Dream
 Web Info: just an extension of me
     Date: Wed, Oct 15, 1997 at 13:12:46 (PDT)
Comments: Great site.........enjoyed everything here. Blessed be

  Visitor: GENE HAYES
Reference: LUCK
 Web Info: 
  Contact: GXH62900@CMSU2.CMSU.EDU
     Date: Wed, Oct 15, 1997 at 08:43:27 (PDT)

  Visitor: Karen
Reference: Phoenix Rising
 Location: CA
  WebSite: You Are Not Alone
 Web Info: A place for those that are suffering from and surviving all kinds of pain.  Physical as well as mental and emoptional.  
     Date: Sun, Oct 12, 1997 at 04:34:30 (PDT)
Comments: GhostWolf, You are pages are an inspiration. Thank you! Karen

  Visitor: Shlomit
Reference: Amou sent me the address
 Location: Israel
 Web Info: 
     Date: Fri, Oct 10, 1997 at 04:54:01 (PDT)
Comments: Hi! A satute to your courage and stregnth. Am looking forward to seeing you again soon. Much love from all of us!

  Visitor: Wen
Reference: A Grateful Surfer Directed Me
 Location: Ohio
  WebSite: Body Image Betraya; & Related Issues
 Web Info: The BIBRI website is dedicated to education, awareness, and self-growth in the areas of eating disorders and their related issues.  It focuses on the causes and contributions that enforce these disorders rahter than the facts and figures of the disorders themselves.  Born out of my own lifelong battle, it encompasses the truth, breaks the silence, and helps us to see how to use our Voices, not our bodies, as a means to finding our way back to life.
     Date: Thurs, Oct 09, 1997 at 17:15:00 (PDT)
Comments: It has been my privilege to share this moment in time with you, while viewing your site. I have sent a long e-mail in which I have included my may thoughts and feelings, please look for it.

Here, I would just like to say how much courage, strength and truth I see in you, and in the battle you have long endured. May you know always, that you do not walk this path alone.

In peace and healing

  Visitor: The Nautilus
Reference: Though Let the Truth Ring Out!
  WebSite: The Nautilus: A Dance of Healing
 Web Info:  A personal web site as well as a resource for other survivors/multiples.  It is a forum for members of the system.  Contains poety, bios, accounts of abuse...and more
     Date: Thurs, Oct 09, 1997 at 10:32:34 (PDT)
Comments: You are very inspiring. I take strength from your courage. I love the beauty of you page in word as well as art. And your graphics are stunning.

  Visitor: Barbara Davi
Reference: Yahoo searching child abuse
 Location: New York
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Oct 09, 1997 at 07:35:18 (PDT)
Comments: Thank you for sharing your painful childhood experiences. I too am frustrated by the abuse adults get away with, and was looking forward to the next 3 chapters. Please also email me when they are done. I cried for you and your siblings but more importantly for the abuse that continues in the world today. Lets hope this story gives insight to everyone on how this can happen for years without detection. I truly do not know how you can think of anything but what happened and how you are alive. My best wishes to you, Peggy, Daniel, Leslie.

  Visitor: kentuckyrain
Reference: winterdove
 Location: owensboro, ky.
 Web Info: none
     Date: Wed, Oct 08, 1997 at 18:24:14 (PDT)
Comments: Enjoyed the walk, best wishes to you and yours. your friend KENTUCKYRAIN

  Visitor: Phil Holbrook
Reference: Art Bell
 Location: Columbus Ohio
 Web Info: 
     Date: Wed, Oct 08, 1997 at 08:58:16 (PDT)

  Visitor: KnightWolf
Reference: Your link from my guestbook
 Location: Bakersfield, CA
  WebSite: KnightWolf's Haven
 Web Info: The reflection of the wolf spirit within
     Date: Tuesday, Oct 07, 1997 at 22:58:13 (PDT)
Comments: Thank you for visiting my sight again and welcoming me to the Brotherhood. These changes Ive made are a reflection of the need I have to more fully express who I am, in ways I normally wouldnt be able to. I hope you will continue to return, as there are always going to be additions and changes in the works. Thanks again, Brother, KnightWolf

  Visitor: Leaping Wolf
Reference: Brotherhood of the Wolf
 Location: Lots of different places
 Web Info: You have to see it kind of scattered on subjects
     Date: Mon, Oct 06, 1997 at 15:59:55 (PDT)
Comments: I am truly impressed with your site as well as your writings. I applaud your being who you are today, and for surviving. I kneel to your honor.

  Visitor: banshee (maire)
Reference: you are my brother
 Location: melbourne
  WebSite: darkscribe's home on the web
 Web Info: david's has put up pages for all of us.
     Date: Mon, Oct 06, 1997 at 01:26:45 (PDT)
Comments: dearest wolf, i's of miss you. i's never forget the day i's did of meet you, and hold you's hand. i's felt the good coming from you's of a strenths that i's have not seen many time's of in this life. you's are of the best best ppl in of this world and other's. i's hope you and amou's are's of happy. i's will always remember you's until the next place of life's. with love's always, you's sister banshee of darktide cluster. i's will come back soon, stay strong, dear wolf. xxxxx

  Visitor: Joanna Carman-Gonzalez
Reference: you sent me the link
 Location: Pennsylvania
  WebSite: PudlLustn's Home Page
 Web Info: you've already been there
     Date: Sun, Oct 05, 1997 at 11:43:38 (PDT)
Comments: You visited my site a while back and signed my guest book. You left a link to your page and I added it to my Pal's Web page so that people may link to your site from mine. So far, you've done a very nice job on your site. I haven't been everywhere yet, but I'm impressed. Please check back to my web site to see what's changed.

  Visitor: EaglesFly - Arthur Wayne Mauldin
Reference: Hmmm, How did we meet? Was it the wind?
 Location: Pacific Northwest, USA
  WebSite: EaglesNest & A Petition to the World
 Web Info: People do HEAL, when they can speak their own heart's mind!
     Date: Sat, Oct 04, 1997 at 02:26:27 (PDT)
Comments: Dear GhostWolf, A comment in your E-mail sent me scrambling to see this guestbook. I knew, just from your words, that there was fuel here that can serve as energy for me. When people share, the gift powers up everyone and the returns come back as even more strength. When we endeavor to ADD to life, instead of to take from it... incredible things of light come alive and the count of breaths to life of people living right now, grows larger, but even more is the effect on the breathing of a growing future of peace and of care and of human growth. It all comes, when it's given new seed of growth in understanding. No finer source of healing is there, than to be heard! Nor more torcherous and deadly an existence, than to be confined in silence, unable to express. Thank you from the future for helping to blaze the path! Ever more light, awaits, if we all, but choose to care.

  Visitor: OkieMoe ( Crystal )
Reference: You signed my guestbook.
 Location: Longview, WA. Born  in Modesto CA.
  WebSite: OkieMoe's Home Page
 Web Info: A little of everything. You've viewed it.
     Date: Thurs, Oct 02, 1997 at 23:47:16 (PDT)
Comments: I realy enjoyed your page. It hit home with me. I was never sexually abused by my parents, But several times by my much older siblings. It definately takes a lot of recovery and courage to be able to talk about it with people you know and love. But to be able to make a web page for millions of people to read, I give you lots of credit and eternal support. Keep up the great page. Keep enduring the healing process and please let me know when you finish you biography. I've read all of what you have so far. Great Page.

  Visitor: Pamela M. Wooten
Reference: Ritual Abuse search
 Location: Jacksonville, FL
  WebSite: none
 Web Info: none
     Date: Thurs, Oct 02, 1997 at 22:44:55 (PDT)
Comments: Hi! I'm an R.N., & currently volunteer in a Psych Ward of a large hospital. There is a woman there who suffered SRA, & developed MPD, & we are currently part of a team trying to help her heal her wounds. I was a victim of incest by 2 uncles, opposite sides of the family, & altho never ritually abused (to my knowledge...I don't have a lot of childhood memories), I have always done a lot of research on all areas of child abuse, even SRA, & I've never had any doubts about it's existence. Your biography left me mad at abusers, esp. of innocent children, & heartbroken for the victims...& frustrated by the missing last 3 chapters!!! I still struggle with anger & unforgiveness, & was looking forward to reading of your escape & recovery, & I also thought it might prove useful in working with this current patient. Could you do me a favor, & e-mail me when these chapters are completed, please? I am fascinated & curious, but also hoping to put them to practical use, both for myself, to some extent, & also with the patient. I appreciate your honesty - many men never tell, even of sexual abuse - your site, & your time! Thank you! Pamela M. Wooten, R.N.

  Visitor: bugzbni
Reference: link
 Location: Arizona
  WebSite: Bugzbni & the Cottentales
 Web Info: Lotsa information on alot of stuff!!
     Date: Wed, Oct 01, 1997 at 21:55:30 (PDT)
Comments: You have a beautiful page. The artwork is incredible. You definitly deserved every award that you have received.

  Visitor: Karen Carlini
Reference: you sent me the address
 Web Info: 
     Date: Tuesday, Sep 30, 1997 at 12:06:02 (PDT)
Comments: Lovely work, old wolf.

  Visitor: J. Lauri
Reference: The grateful surfer sent me.
 Location: Sunny California
  WebSite: J. Lauri's Place
 Web Info: Writing and editing tips
     Date: Thurs, Sep 25, 1997 at 17:27:54 (PDT)
Comments: This site contains free writing tips and editing tips, plus educational information about color vision deficiency. The surfer was right.

  Visitor: 'Mou Davidson
Reference: bookmarked
 Location: Rainbow House
 Web Info: 
     Date: Thurs, Sep 25, 1997 at 16:05:55 (PDT)
Comments: Just checkin' out your new ghostbook setup :)

  Visitor: Kristen Kohlbecker
Reference: Been here many a time...:)
 Location: Rohnert Park, CA
  WebSite: Tyger's Home Page
 Web Info: activism on health & nettiquette issues
     Date: Thurs, Sep 25, 1997 at 15:33:10 (PDT)
Comments: Sorry to see that you too were a casualty of the fire at Paradise, Old Wolf...but here is an entry to get you going again :) Tyger

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