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Camper Shell, Redwood Coffee Table,
and Redwood Bookshelves

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Take a slab of rough-sawn redwood, a chunk of redwood root; then do a lot of sanding, followed by many thin coats of polyurethane - and you can end up with a beautiful free-form table. I built (created? formed?) this table in 1979, and sold it two years later to a neighbor.

Another view of the table, showing part of the stand (redwood root section). The bumpy lighter-colored edge is the part of the tree immediately beneath the bark, which has been removed.

Slightly higher-angle view, showing some of the birds-eye grain.

This is the only picture I've been able to find of two redwood book shelves I built for a friend in 1983.

In 1988, my (now-ex) wife and I wanted to take a vacation with a close friend to Niagra falls; so to accomate the four us (three adults and our son) and our luggage, I built this camper shell. The frame is made of pine 2X4s, the shell is Luan mahogany plywood, and it is finished with exterior polyurethane. We put a love seat and a second CB radio in the back for my son, thus giving rise to his CB handle (nick name) of "Easy Rider". This is the only picture I have of Big Blue, my 1967 1/2 ton Chevy pickup; 350 4-bolt main, 3 speed manual.


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