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The Mou and the Wolf

This is a picture I took of Mou on the way to San Francisco from Portland Oregon in late 1994, when we'd just started getting to know each other.

This is a Mou standing in front of the 15-foot tall rainbow painted on the side of the house (thus, "Rainbow House")

This 150-year old picture was my present to Mou on her birthday in 1996, and was taken at Roaring Camp Big Trees and Railroad in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Make My Day!

As a senior technical writer, one of my - and my peers - greatest frustrations is when software engineers make changes to the product just days before the documentation has to be delivered without (1) letting us writers know, and (2) without considering the impact the changes have on the documents.

I had this picture taken during Mou's and my vacation in Ocean City, Maryland - and a large version of it is posted on my office door (predatory grin!)

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