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GhostWolf: Reflections


My art, poetry, and writings are indeed reflections: reflections of my own soul and very being; and reflections - my own thoughts and feelings - of the past and present.

My Artwork over the Years

My mother taught me to draw at a very early age and continued teaching me up to the time I and my siblings were taken from her and our stepfather in 1959.

Art is one of my outlets - for all my feelings, not just pain.

Poetry: Out of the Abyss

I have never been able to verbalize my deepest, innermost feelings face to face with another human being; instead - I transfered the intense feelings to paper, expressing the best I could what I felt with free form verse, metaphors, and word images...


In 1988, I found the internet, and a whole new world opened up to me. At first, I used it to find software for my PC, and information regarding various health issues for my (now) ex-wife.

In 1993, I accidently found a newsgroup for survivors of sexual abuse - and my life changed forever.

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