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For Children of all Ages


Safety First

purpleball.gif Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers
Child Safety. This is, in their own words: "a non-profit organization dedicated to public awareness, prevention of child abuse, and a resource to those that have been wounded by childhood abuse. A child's innocence can never be replaced."

They've understated what they are and what they provide. Definitions of abuse, symptoms of abuse, resources, articles by Dr. Nancy Faulkner that are very eye-opening, new material by Pam Church, author of "Good Touch/Bad Touch" - and much more.

If you visit only one child-safety site - make it this one.

purpleball.gif Victoria Elizabeth
Child Safety This is a heart-wrenching site that I feel all parents should visit. Household things we would never suspect can take our children away.


The Fun Stuff

purpleball.gif Stephanie's Thoughtful Spot
Pooh Bear! This is a delightful and wonderful site to visit, with plenty of things to see, read, do, and explore; and, Stephanie is also a member of the Friends of Pooh Web Ring.

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