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Visit the Wall
Visit the Wall


Bastly More Important - For the Sake of Animals
Lilith Emerald Lioness's incredible Love and respect for Cats is expressed deeply and movingly in her site, dedicated to the memory of her two Feline Soulmates, Sloan and Sorsha Softpaw; and to the prevention of animal cruelty and abuse. The title page, Bastly More Important - For the Sake of Animals provides a wealth of links, including powerful stories, information about animal abuse, issues needing attention - and just in case you might be thinking "oh, another one" - Lilith also links to the opposition. This is a site well worth visiting and reading completely.

Dakota Wind's Shetland Sheepdogs
Simply said: This is an incredible site. Dakota is not just a "breeder" of Shetland Sheepdogs; she loves her dogs - and they know it. The two banners at the top of this page are from and link to her page The Wall, which is a powerful and moving testimony for responsible breeding, and includes a form to post to The Wall. Dakota also has personal information about herself, plus pictures of all of her incredibly beautiful Shetlands, as well as more Shetland and dog links.

Greenbird's Nest
An officer and his birds - cockatiels, parrots (I think!), and links to many other bird and bunny sites.

No No Bad Dogg: the trials of raising a family of Malamutes
I found this link via the Ring of the Wolf, started reading, and spent the next half hour giggling, laughing, and shaking my head in delight - visit this one!

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