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Poetry by my Friends

purpleball.gif A New Start
Kathy is a gifted and powerful Writer and Poet, evoking a tremendous range of thoughts and emotions with a sparing, yet incisive pen... Very few authors have written in such a manner as to bring tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat - Kathy is one of these; for through her writings and poetry (read "Daddy's Girl"), she shares the heart-wrenching reality of the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father and adults who should have protected her... and the equally painful reality of recovery, and the insights resulting from the recovery process...

Her article "Is This ME? it YOU?" is not only one of the most insightful looks at what being a survivor means; but also a gentle yet direct look at survivor symptomology - like she asks in the title of this article, "Is this ME? it YOU? Ask yourself as you read... the answer could put you on the path of recovery...

Arrianna's Poetry Page
Poems about love - but these poems are not what one might expect; for Arrianna's poetry is her soul bared... haunting poems touching on the longing, wondering - and pain of loving, being loved, letting go - and not being loved... These are from her heart and soul...

Lane Wiemann's Recovery Poetry Spa
Lane is an abuse survivor who invites anyone who has experienced abuse or addictions of any kind to submit their poetry and writings for posting at her Web spa. Many have done so already, and their poetry and stories are worth reading.

Shaina's Winged Heart
Shaina's poetry and essays question the meaning of life and the very fabric of the universe...

Tesserae's Home Page
My friend and fellow poet/artist Tessarea's page. providing insights into the impact of abuse and multiplicity, and with many links to resources for survivors.

The Enchantress
The Enchantress is a powerful and moving poet, an artist, and webmeister of The Land of Enchantment.

Words From My Heart
Lady Shel's Poetry is indeed from her heart, speaking of love, loneliness - and sharing a powerful perspective on what love is in her poem Teddy Bears.

World of Lady Wolf
Lady Wolf's poetry is haunting and deeply moving, touching on abandonment, love, marriage, wolves, and life.

Williamsholler - Where Love Lives
Judith and Tom Williams are both accomplished poets and artists who met on the net - and then face to face - and have joined to create a truly beautiful and romantic site. Poetry, art, music; all flowing together in a wondrous whole that is indescribable.

Be sure to visit their other pages: Music of Tom Williams III;
The Dreamsharer Poetry; and My Heartsounds: Of Things Beloved.

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