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SciFi and Fantasy


Beware of the Werewolves
Kintagarr (her preferred were-wolven name) is a very good artist, and has created some werewolf drawings that are definitely worth seeing.

Lady Leigh's Fantasy World
Faeries, angels, goddesses, the Enchanted Forest, unicorns, pegasus, wolves, bunyips, kappa, kraken, mermaids, nerieds, nixies, roane, sea horses, water sprites, the Enchanted Castle, gargoyles, wizards, knights, and dragons... Lady Leigh's Fantasy has all of these and much much more.

Maggie's World
Maggie, like myself, is a fan of a haunting fantasy series called "Cry for Dawn", and she has an incredible number of links to other Cry for Dawn sites. Maggie also has links to other fantasy sites, such as Anne Rice's Vampires, the X-files, Dragon Riders of Pern, and more.

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