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Food for Thought

Justice is Blind
Marlies has summarized two different criminal cases of Canada - and the incredible disparity in sentences. What she shares about the Canadian system can be said as well of the American system. Justice is blind. Isn't it time that we spoke up - and out - to our elected officials about this outrage?

Grandma's House
This site is warm, witty, wonderful, and chock-full of solid down-home no-nonsense wisdom - and some very special soul-reaching stories. Use the above link to go to Grandma's House, or click here to go to Grandma's Main Menu. This site is well worth visiting!

Lady Socrates Homepage
Lady Socrates site is very thought-provoking: as implied by her name, she is a thinker. In her pages, Lady Socrates presents intriguing perspectives on several topics, for example, "Is right just a matter of opinion"; a thorough list of online literature including classical, medical, philosophical, and reference texts; philosophical humor (good stuff!); and graphics links.

The Blonde Ambition Pages
Shauna (nickname Cat) has put together a fascinating page, and includes an excellent overview of Wicca that provides a thorough overview of "What the Bible says about Wicca / Witchcraft".

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