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How to Kill Love

I had been posting for a while in late 1993 and early 1994 about my marital struggles - and the impending divorce. My lawyer asked me to put a list together of the various things my then-wife had said to me.

I posted to a recovery newsgroup, asking for those who had saved my posts - or who had actual conversations with me - for help in compiling the list. Afterwards, in looking at the list, I realized it was a blueprint of how to destroy a relationship, how to destroy another person.

The following is what I then posted.

Want to destroy a relationship; drive someone away from you?

Simply say things like what has been said to me over and over again; use them any time you are unhappy, whenever you and your SO are having a disagreement. Just say the words again and again, and you will destroy whatever love and magic you once had with your SO.

This was my ex-wife's litany for 21 years:

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