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greenball.gif Athena: The Survivors Web Anthology Project
The purpose of this site is "To help survivors of abuse realize they are not alone in their experiences. To help survivors of abuse realize healing is possible. To share our creativity with others, for greater understanding of issues." This site is a powerful anthology of survivor's stories and writing and well worth visiting; and also provides links to books, sites, and online and offline resources.

greenball.gif Grandma's House
Grandma's Home is warm, witty, wonderful, and chock-full of solid down-home no-nonsense wisdom - and some very special soul-reaching stories. Use the above link to go to Grandma's House, or click here to go to Grandma's Main Menu. I include Grandma's Home as a support site because of her stories, question and answers pages, and snippets of wisdom pages. Grandma's Home is worth visiting!

greenball.gif The Survivor's Page
Links to letters, writings, and poetry by survivors and survivor stories. Also included is an email link for talking to other survivors, a chat room, audio clips, and links to other support and abuse links. The author encourages submissions for inclusion on the page.

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