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purpleball.gif Denise's Page of Panic
Denise's pages are gentle, open, and deeply moving; sharing her experiences with panic, anxiety, agoraphobia, bi-polar depression, and schizophrenia... and providing piercing insights into what agoraphobia and panic attacks are really like... and what it is like to face subtle "Old Boy Network" (my words) descrimination and harrassment - and undergo therapy...

Denise's holds nothing back as she shares her powerful and gut-wrenching story and therapy journals, providing a rare and eye-opening look into a world most never see... She also provides an excellent list of resources, as well as moving accounts of support from family (see "Free Therapy") that can well-serve as guidelines for friends and families of anyone enduring similar experiences.

Silver Umbra's Haven for Anxiety/Panic Disorder Survivors
My friend Silver Umbra, aka Di, has dedicated her site "to reducing the silent suffering of those who have to deal with Panic and Anxiety Disorders, as I do myself. It is my hope that you might at least find here a few answers and some of the emotional support you need to help you better understand your disorder and better understand how to deal with it on a daily basis."

Di, like our mutual friend Denise, holds nothing back. Her poetry and story are poignant and moving, sharing the pain, doubt, and struggles she had to endure - and still endures... Her pages also provide several valuable resources where you can read and post questions and responses: The Roundtable Discussion, Strategy Discussion, Meet the Docs, Ask the Docs; as well as providing a Chat room, Pen Pal Panic List, and a comprehensive list of other resources.

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