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Assault / Rape

Rape Recovery and Information Page

On her "Who Am I" page, Gayle writes:

"No one had ever told me that violence is the number 1 killer of women on the job. Nor was I told that thousands of other women would be violently raped on the job that year. It was my assumption that workplaces would be safe. I was wrong, almost dead wrong to put it exactly."

Gayle is a survivor of on-the-job rape who - in spite of the continued denial by her workplace and insurance companies - has not only reclaimed her life, but has also gone on to reach out to other survivors with her website. Gayle's Rape Recovery and Information Page not only addresses the issues faced by survivors of rape, but also those faced by their SOs; with pages covering not only rape in its various forms, but also depression, healing tips, flashbacks, self-injury, and much more. Gayle's website is a definite resource for all survivors.

Sexual Assault Information Page

Searchable site. This site provides a thorough list covering many kinds of sexual assault, and inludes links to related topics such as law, activism, counseling, and much more.

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