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Biophysical and Genetic Disorders

This page is devoted to those disorders that are brought on via some malfunction within the body, and as such are not contagious - because they were not caused by any living organism. If you know of a site or disorder that belongs on this page, please email me.


purpleball.gif Gamma Jill's Page - Hysterectomy Information
Gamma Jill shares her own hysterectomy experiences, and provides the additional - and thorough - resource pages Hysterectomy Abbreviations, Hormone Information, Questions You May Want to Ask, Related Links, Pre-Op Hints, Post-Op Concerns, and Alternative Choices.
Gamma Jill's Page - Migraine Information
Gamma Jill also shares her experiences with migraines, and provides resource pages about Where to get help with Migraines, Medications for Migraines, Articles of Interest, More Articles of Interest, Related Links, and Non Medical Home Remedies.

purpleball.gif Life with Lupus...

Poot has and lives with Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, "an autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system turns on the body... the connective tissue. It is neither inherited, nor cancerous, nor contagious." Her page shares a powerful and in my opinion, empowering perspective on living that is well worth reading.

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