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Depression, Manic Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder

purpleball.gif Gamma Jill's Page - Depression Information

Gamma Jill shares her own experiences with depression, and provides the additional well-researched resource pages Medications for Depression, Information on ECT's, Information on ECT Alternatives, Related Articles, Related Links, How to find the "Right" Doctor, Signs of Depression, Support Groups, and How to Help Friends/Family Who have Depression.

purpleball.gif The Winds of Change: Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression
Josie, the Web Mistress of the Winds of Change, says it best:

"On these pages it is our hope that you seeking information will find help, support and understanding for the illness called `Bipolar Disorder' or Manic-Depressive Disorder. We offer links for more medical information than we are able to provide on these pages. What you will find here, in addition to those links, will be `Welcome Home, we've been waiting for you.' We know how you feel.... lost, alone, confused. We know your pain, the deep ache you feel because something has happened to you, or someone you love, something you don't understand. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we will try to help you find them. We can't `cure' you or your loved one, but we can show you that you will never be alone, ever again. You are at home now, right where you should be. So if you are Bipolar yourself, or someone you care about has BPD, we offer our support.

The `Winds' has it's very own Chat Site, which is open to all for general chat and support, for those interested in Bipolar Disorder and all associated topics. NOTICE: Open BP/SO Chat EVERY Wednesday night, 8:30pm eastern time. Join us there!"

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