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Children Who Abuse

Cold hard statistics reveal that the majority of abused children have been abused by a family member - a brother, sister, uncle, mother, father, etc.

In the three years I have surfed, I have found only two sites that deal with the anguish and trials parents and their children endure when it is the children who are the abusers - and the victims.

Take the time to read these accounts - they are heart-wrenching, and reveal a side of our society and legal system that is rarely shown.

purpleball.gif Molested: A Mother discovers the Legal System
A mother discovers that the legal system's nightmarish "cure" for child sexual abuse can be worse than the disease.

The anonymous author of this article is the mother of two boys, the older of which molested the younger. This is her story of the resulting traumatic and abusive encounter with the legal system.

purpleball.gif Mom's Secrets
Gypsy, Shadow, and DancingBear's Site shares the triumphs and joys - and the hardships and pains of parenting, and provides coloring pages, recipes, tips and tricks of parenting and being a child - as well as a constantly-updated survey asking for and giving the results of questions all parents ask at some time.

Gypsy also shares the heart-wrenching and eye-opening pages that start with the simple and gentle link titled "Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry" - and she describes it best:

"This page is for anyone, that knows how much you try, and how hard a parent fights (or should) for what is right and wrong. This page is for those parents who do NOT listen, who feel "it could NEVER happen to MY child.."

Mom's Secrets - Where our answers could be yours

Believe Gypsy. It can happen, and it does. As Gypsy says: "Please, read, think , and look close. May you never feel the emotions that are loose here."

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