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Survivor Websites

A Candle for geode
She was... is... my Friend...
geode's Commemoration Page
A Candle for geode

greenball.gif angelsbreath...a wisper from ki*mm*ie.
ki*mm*ie is me... my sister Peggy... my brother Danny... she is innocence betrayed, yet innocence and beauty alive in spite of abuse... Through her website, ki*mm*ie speaks for all of us survivors of childhood abuse... of the lasting impact of childhood pornography; revealing not only the pain of the abuse, but also the lasting affects... ki*mm*ie says it best:
my whole purpose of showing this picture is educational...

awareness that this could be your niece...sister...daughter...neighbor...
She is right... so painfully right... until society as a whole faces the reality that abuse, molestation, and child pornography are an ongoing reality... Until society stops seeing and dismissing accounts like ki*mm*ie's, like others, like mine as xxx-rated attempts for attention... the abuse of other children will never end... and there will be more ki*mm*ies... more Peggys... More Dannys... more like me...

greenball.gif A New Start
Kathy is a gifted and powerful Writer and Poet, evoking a tremendous range of thoughts and emotions with a sparing, yet incisive pen... Through her articles and poems, Kathy shares the heart-wrenching reality of the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father... and also shares her powerful insights about the recovery process as well as several excellent resources.

greenball.gif Black Menagerie's Survivor Page
BlackLion is an abuse survivor that I met on a survivor's IRC channel. His pages describe a useful and creative approach to dealing with dissociative states.

greenball.gif Blaze - Refusing to be Silenced
Blaze is a very well designed website dedicated to abuse education, awareness, and prevention; and not only contains the author Maddie's own story, but also is a very thorough resource for survivors and their SOs, providing not only a message board, but also comprehensive pages about the topics:
What is Child Sexual Abuse? Affects of Child Sexual Abuse What Can I Do? Child Pornography Self Injury Stop Child Exploitation and Abuse Now Webring
There is much much more well worth reading at Blaze, one of which is her Webring Stop Child Exploitation and Abuse Now (SCEAN), which is dedicated to bringing together those sites that are committed to stopping child abuse and exploitation in all its forms. No hesitation; I joined, and discovered several excellent sites already on the ring...

This is one site very well worth visiting...

greenball.gif Cynderella's Homepage
Cynderella is a friend I met on the net before the days of web pages, who, like me, posted to the news group alt.sexual.abuse.recovery. She is a multiple, and has some points well worth reading about it.

greenball.gif Gamma Jill's Page
Jill - christined Gamma Jill by her grandchildren - is a wonderfully warm and compassionate Lady who has survived not only incest but also much more. Her website offers not only her own story, but also resources for sexual abuse and rape survivors such as "Who Do I Trust? Where Do I Start? How Do I Find a Support Group? Should/Could I Press Charges?" as well as recovery tips and links to other resources. Gamma Jill's site is very much worth reading.

greenball.gif Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch is a survivor who, as a small child, was given up to adoption - and into a literal hell - for her adoptive family was outwardly socially upstanding - but behind the doors, was physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive - and practitioners of Satanic ritual abuse. Gentle Touch's sharing of her life provides a rare, insightful, and powerful view into how horrendous abuse can not only be easily hidden, but also into how children can be - and are - silenced.

It Really Is OK To Talk About It
Bruce is a PTSD survivor who openly and honestly shares his experiences as a policeman, of how constant exposure to death, suicide, accidents and more impact ones life, humanity, and emotions... and the life-devastating methods adopted to cope with the constant stress...

Bruce has an incredible gift for opening up a vital - yet rarely seen door - into not only the world of a PTSD survivor, but also into the underlying causal mechanisms and their impact on all aspects of life...

Jenn's Page
Jenn is a friend I met on IRC on a support channel, and in her very well done pages, Jenn openly shares her life and recovery process - providing links for sexual abuse survivors, eating and mood disorder links, self-injury support links, gay and lesbian resources, and more.

Joe's Place
Joe is an gay incest survivor who signed my guestbook - and I'm glad he did. He has put together a very peaceful and softspoken site that has very good support links for gays and survivors, as well as a list of worthy causes. Read his story - he and his sister successfully prosecuted their "dad" - but the "dad" only got two years of probation.

Kayjay's On the Road to Healing
My friend Kayjay's award-winning pages are thorough, and her articles are about many hard topics that I consider a must read, such as abuse of the disabled. She has also compiled a comprehensive list of resources for survivors located at Links for Survivors that includes resource links for Abuse of the Disabled, Anonymous Email, Domestic Violence, and much more.

Lane Wiemann's Recovery Poetry Spa
Lane is an abuse survivor who invites anyone who has experienced abuse or addictions of any kind and wish to write about it (and/or their recovery journey) to submit your poetry and writings for posting at her Web spa.

greenball.gif LostDove - Out of the Darkness
She could be your child, a friend's child, a neighbors child... Out of the Darkness is the gut-wrenching story of the abuse of a child, seen through the child's eyes, sharing her confusion, pain, and bewilderment at what was being done... If you have ever known an abused child, and wanted somehow to know, really know what the child was feeling and thinking so that you could better understand and help - then this is the journal to read...

Maude's Existential Kitchen
Maude's Existential Kitchen was created by a Maude, one person of a Multiple with multiple interests. Abuse, Spirituality and Sexuality are all addressed; links are described and labeled for suitability. Original content includes stories, essays and artwork.

Moonpuff's My Secret Garden
Moonpuff is an abuse survivor who is incredibly aware of the need for survivors to break the silence and speak out. She provides resources for those who have been abused - or are being abused - such as her Rape Crisis Centers for the USA (all fifty states), as well as links to abuse statistic, child safety, and several excellent survivor home pages.

Open Door
Sue is a survivor of not only severe parental alcoholic abuse and spousal abuse, but also the mother of three survivors who were horribly abused by her ex-husband - and her website is dedicated to her children and to helping others. Sue provides a message board, Members Corner, chatroom, newsletter - and a Memorial Wall, where you can add the names of those who have not survived.

Pauline MacDonald, dear Friend and fellow Christian
In her own words; a Canadian survivor who has decided that her life is a journey of possibilities; and one who won't let the past define her, because only God has that right :)

Precious Memories
Silent Angel is a new friend who I met on the net, and she is an incredible photographer and artist - her arrangements of photographs and music is beautiful and soothing... She is also a survivor and; as she shares on her website, her own daughter was the target of a rapist; fortunately, he didn't succeed... Silent Angel also encourages readers to submit poetry for inclusion on her website - and she also supports The Hunger Site, which provides corporate-sponsored food donations to the hungry, world wide...

Rape Recovery and Information Page

On her "Who Am I" page, Gayle writes:

"No one had ever told me that violence is the number 1 killer of women on the job. Nor was I told that thousands of other women would be violently raped on the job that year. It was my assumption that workplaces would be safe. I was wrong, almost dead wrong to put it exactly."

Gayle is a survivor of on-the-job rape who - in spite of the continued denial by her workplace and insurance companies - has not only reclaimed her life, but has also gone on to reach out to other survivors with her website. Gayle's Rape Recovery and Information Page not only addresses the issues faced by survivors of rape, but also those faced by their SOs; with pages covering not only rape in its various forms, but also depression, healing tips, flashbacks, self-injury, and much more. Gayle's website is a definite resource for all survivors.

Silenced Child
Silenced Child is a young teen Survivor-Poet of uncommon and astounding Power who - with no other outlet to express the horror in which she lives - has chosen the media of Poetry combined with the web to give voice to that which she dare not speak aloud... and her Poetry does more than speak to the soul; it brings the living horror she faces daily to terrifying life... a life that is all too brutal and real for her... Visit her site, read her poems... and know that abuse still goes on behind the oh-so-perfect appearing doors...

Sissy's Page
Sissy is a gentle and dear friend who I met via posts to a newsgroup, and she is also a survivor of brutal abuse - yet that has not broken her bright and gentle spirit which is very evident in her website and her love for her sister Krystine, and in the ways she is taking care of herself in spite of being rejected by her parents. Sissy is much more than a survivor, she's a victor...

Steeny's Realm
Steeny is the webmeistress of Steeny's Realm, a beautiful and gentle site where she shares her powerful poetry in two separate gardens; the Flower Garden, and the Winter Garden... She also her shares her favorite things - and the story of her own Journey of Recovery, for she too is an abuse survivor.. Steeny's story is well worth reading... there is much to learn, not only about Steeny, but about one's self...

Stephanie's Safe Haven
Stephie is a delightful and charming friend who I first met on the net and then in person - her pages are a touchingly honest look at the repercussions of abuse, Dissociative disorder, and Kippel-Feil syndrome - all of which she has endured. One very brave lady...

Tahlia's "Talking to Tahlia"
Tahlia's site is a powerful and eye-opening look into sexual abuse by professionals - and spousal abuse. Her pages provide a chilling and revealing account of abuse at the mind - and hands - of her now-estranged husband, and his ongoing pursuit and harassment of her and her parents. Tahlia's courage is inspiring.

Tesserae's Home Page
This is the home page of my Dear Friend and fellow poet/artist Tessarea, providing insights into the impact of abuse and multiplicity, gender stereotyping and patriarchy, thought-provoking quotes from many different sources (Tori Amos, Scully - even Dan Quayle!); the difficulties engendered by those who accept the misconceptions about how alters present themselves to the world - which, in my opinion, is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about multiplicity; "The Promise and the Passion" which poignantly express the struggles - and joys - of the recovery process; and much much more... Tesserae's pages provide a rare and powerful look at what recovery is like when one not only has to deal with the aftermath of abuse - but also deal with the unknowing cruelties of "normal" people...

The Paul McLaughlin Story
Please take the time to visit Paul's pages: As said on his page, "This web site celebrates the triumph of one man over a childhood during which he and his twin sister were tormented and severely abused for eighteen years." Paul and his Wife Liz are tireless crusaders against child abuse and for the rights of children everywhere to live free from fear and abuse.

Tyger's Home Page
Tyger and I met on the net about four years ago, and as fellow survivors of sexual and physical abuse, quickly developed our friendship. Her page is new to the web, and contains some eye-opening information about pending legislation that would eliminate life-saving implants.

TygerWolf, a fellow poet and writer
...who is also MP and has much to share about multiplicity that is eye-opening and thought-provoking on her two sites, Coming Out Multiple, and TWCD's MPD and DID Resources and Insights

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