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Male Support Resources

M.A.L.E - Men Assisting Leading & Educating
This site is for male survivors of abuse, and provides information and links for adult and adolescent survivors, their families, professionals, and more. Of particular interest is the article Myths About Male Sexual Abuse.

Male Survivors of Abuse and Child Neglect
This site is for male survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and neglect. It provides a chat room; provides an overview of abuse, blame/fault, and the effects of abuse; and links dealing with the value of writing ones autobiography, selecting a therapist, telling others, codependency, and more. The authors biography is powerful, emphasizing the damage of neglect and secrecy.

Male Abuse Survivors Support Forum (MASSF)
MASSF —first and foremost—is a community, a fellowship of brothers in spirit here to support one another, to learn from each other's experiences, and to help each other in our healing any way we can. Our primary focus is not on offering an exhaustive, static collection of resources (there are many sites which already do a great and wonderful job of that), but rather, our main focus always has been and always will be on interaction, on each other: you, me, and every brother survivor. We're not about numbers and statistics; we're about being a chorus of voices, a lifeline of hands reaching out. This site exists for you, and for all of us—everyone that takes part in it makes it work, and keeps it a safe and healing place for all male survivors. If you are hurting—if you feel lost and alone—if you don't know where to turn and you feel like one too many doors have been closed to you—if your hand is reaching out ... then you are the reason that we're here.

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