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Thank you for visiting my Missing Children's Page.

Please take the time to review each of the following links; you may help save a child and capture a criminal.


Children Missing Organization
This Java application displays a slide show of 13 missing children, and also links to the the home site of the Missing Children's Webring. Please take the time to view the slides; you may recognize one of the children and save a child's life.

Kat's Helping Hands for the Missing
Linda's Missing Children page is chilling and heart-rending, providing the stories of abducted children - some of whom were found alive; and others who were not.

Linda provides a Missing Kids Forum for any who would like to share their own views and experience, and she also provides several supportive links as well as the Missing Children and Faces of Fear Rings - to find missing children - and to find perpetrators before they can harm yet another child...

Safeguarding Our Children - United Mothers
Child Safety. This is, in their own words: "a non-profit organization dedicated to public awareness, prevention of child abuse, and a resource to those that have been wounded by childhood abuse. A child's innocence can never be replaced."

They've understated what they are and what they provide. Definitions of abuse, symptoms of abuse, resources, articles by Dr. Nancy Faulkner that are very eye-opening, new material by Pam Church, author of "Good Touch/Bad Touch" - and much more.

If you visit only one child-safety site - make it this one.

Tears for Tesslyn
Each day, several children die of what professionals call Battered Child Syndrome. The deaths will continue as long as people avoid the facts and refuse to become involved. Tesslynn's story is only one of literally thousands. The facts are graphic, and may not be suitable for young children.

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