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Note: I personally consider the nomenclature used by the medical and psychology professionals to describe the multiple personality survival process an affront and an insult. I know many who have been classified "MPD" or "DID" who are far more adjusted to society than many who are considered normal and well-adjusted.

True - there are many who have been classified thusly, and they are indeed incapable of surviving in society - and as such, suffer from a a true disorder. However, categorizing all persons who are multiple as suffering from a disorder is an injustice.

Just my $0.02 worth.


balrouge.gif ASD (Alt.Support.Dissociation)

In the words of the webmaster: "This web site is dedicated to the people of this world who live with dissociation as a part of their life. This is not limited to those who are dissociative, but also includes loved ones and professionals who work with those who are dissociative.

ASD Online provides DID information, resources, links, their own IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server with several channels dedicated to different topics, as well as art and writings by survivors.

balrouge.gif Brian and Songbird's FbC Web Award Page

Brian and Songbird are members of Families by Choice, which is dedicated to showing that "chosen relationships can be every bit as healthy and fullfilling as, (if not more so than), birth families."

Brian and Songbird are also Multiples - and their page on multiplicity is simple, direct, and heart-wrending; sharing not only their experiences of multiplicity, but also the impact of that multiplicity in their lives - ostracization, job loss, and more. Their Littles page has a series of short stories that are delightful to read - and carry powerful lessons.

balrouge.gif Keepers Korner

Keeper's Korner is an excellent website dedicated to providing understanding and resources for those classified as MPD, their significant others, and people interested in MPD/DID. The site has deeply insightful articles written by Keeper's non-MPD SO John, as well as artwork by Keeper, links to other MPD/DID websites, and the newsletter Many Voices. Keepers Korner also hosts the Emily Ann Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping multiples and working with the International Society for the Study of Dissociation.

balrouge.gif Coming Out Multiple

TygerWolf has it right: Multiples face disbelief, scorn, and more - and non-multiples have difficulty relating, understanding - accepting. This site, created by my MP friend TygerWolf, gives the reader a very solid idea of what it is like to live as a Multiple, facing the disbelief daily, hour by hour, minute by minute - and the very real possibilities of loss of friends, jobs, and more because of that disbelief. TygerWolf also provides a forum for readers to post and reply to questions, and a page where other Multiples share their own stories.

TygerWolf's second website TWCD's MPD and DID Resources and Insights provides resources on sexual abuse, self-harm, depression, ritual abuse, and MPD/DID. TygerWolf also hosts Kayjay's Links for Survivors pages.

balrouge.gif Multiple Choice~an Artist/Survivor's Gallery

Judy's site is an uplifting and beautiful walk through an artist's gallery of stained glass and wood pieces... featuring the many talents and multiple personalities of†a gifted artist and writer.† Be inspired, find strength, laughter and beauty through this Survivor's art and words.† The art is for sale and enjoyment. Also be sure to visit her Mental Health Matters website for an incredibly thorough support site.

balrouge.gif NEEDID Support Network

The Network to Explore and Express DID is a survivorsí support Network to Explore and Express DID and other trauma related dissociative disorders, including PTSD. It is founded in Western Massachusetts by and for individuals diagnosed and living with trauma related dissociative disorders, usually based in early childhood trauma, as well as their concerned, supportive others."

NEEDID provides discussion forums, a bimonthly newsletter, online and in-person peer-run support groups, writings and poetry by survivors and their SOs, surveys, support links, and DID/MPD/Survivor webrings as well humor and fun land pages.

NEEDID is a very valuable resource for not only DID/MPD survivors and their SOs, but for all survivors.

balrouge.gif Pickle's Playground

Sweetpickle's writings deal with her lives as a multiple and how she developed multiplicity. Like many multiples I know, Sweetpickle is a fully-functional professional - and this is not unusual at all; multiplicity does not always equal dysfunctionality.

Sweetpickle's article on labeling and daily functioning is well worth reading for the powerful insights and the first-person(s) view of daily life from the perspective of multiplicity - and Shadow's Journal and the Self Encounter are not only chilling gnd heart-wrenching glimpses into the world of a multiple, but also into the horrific impact of child abuse...

balrouge.gif The Prevalence of Multiples Online

Article on Mental Health Net. This article discusses the presence on the net and web of people with multiple personalities, and has a link to the Mental Health Net discussion forum on multiplicity.

Tesserae's Home Page

There is a lot of misinformation about multiplicity out in the world that results in a lot of confusion and misunderstanding for those who don't know much about multiplicity and dissociation. The major mistake the majority of people make is that multiplicity means dysfunctionality and inability to "fit in" to our culture and society... this simply is not true, for there are many multiples who function far better and smoothly in society than most singletons...

Tessarea's pages share what it is like to have to deal with this struggle from the perspective of a multiple; sharing the difficulties endured by multiples who have to deal with those who blindly accept the popular misconceptions about multiplicity.

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