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Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

purpleball.gif It Really Is OK To Talk About It
Bruce is a PTSD survivor who openly and honestly shares his experiences as a policeman, of how constant exposure to death, suicide, accidents and more impact ones life, humanity, and emotions... and the life-devastating methods adopted to cope with the constant stress...

Bruce has an incredible gift for opening up a vital - yet rarely seen door - into not only the world of a PTSD survivor, but also into the underlying causal mechanisms and their impact on all aspects of life...

He also provides a plethora of resources and information not only about PTSD on his site, but also information and links for many different mental health disorders such as bipolar, panic, obsessive/compulse disorders, and many more...

Bruce's site is a definite must-read for anyone seeking information about PTSD...

Tears of a Cop

The mission of Tears of a Cop is "To promote awareness on the epidemic of Law Enforcement PTSD and Suicide" - and it achieves that mission very well... and achieves far more; TOAC also provides signs and symptoms of PTSD, support for survivors of officer suicides, news and research articles, support and education resources, powerful poems and writings, letters from widows and others, and links to other PTSD, suicide, and stress resources.

The material, information, and resources provided are applicable - and valuable - to anyone facing PTSD, suicide, and stress.

purpleball.gif Tears of a Rose: Surviving Abuse
Sharon's pages are an intense and powerful look at one of the major repercussions of abuse - Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSD. Sharon not only provides her own record of her abuse and eventual diagnosis, but also provides incredibly deep insights into the mechanisms of PTSD, and ways to overcome the damaging and painful effects of PTSD.

Sharon's second website - Triumph of a Rose: Surviving Abuse and PTSD - contains definitions and descriptions of PTSD, PTSD from the Vietnam Vets view, surviving parental abuse, and much more, including links to the stories of other survivors.

Both sites are well worth visiting for any survivor and their SOs...

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