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Support Sites


greenball.gif A Light in the Darkness
  This is a peer support and resource site for those of us suffering from mood and personality disorders, including depression, self-injury, dissociative identity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and other forms of psychological distress.  Included are a discussion forum, chat rooms, creative expression, and resource links.
greenball.gif Anonymous Sexual Abuse Recovery (Canada)
  A thorough site providing definitions of abuse, therapeutic neglect, multiple personality, warning signs of victims, and more.
greenball.gif Center for Creative Growth - Counseling with Heart
  Based in California's San Francisco Bay area, the Center for Creative Growth's licensed and experienced therapists utilize methods developed by John Bradshaw to heal the inner child, family-of-origin pain, codependency, and shame. This is a site well worth visiting.
greenball.gif Child Abuse and Recovery
  Dedicated to child abuse awareness and prevention, providing survivor and SO resources, links, discussion forums, facts, statistics, hotlines, child safety and abuse (adult and child) information, as well as the excellent and eye-opening articles by the webmistress Susan Maree Jeavons.
greenball.gif Circling Lights
  Circling LIGHTS is a caring circle of family and friends. The mission is one of building bridges of trust by providing a warm loving place for each of us to be, do, think, and feel. The site provides a chat forum, Border Personality Disorder resources and links, support and professional organization links, an excellent glossary of terminology, and much more
greenball.gif Families on the Web

In their own words: Our purpose is to provide support, ideas, love, and advocacy for the Children and to all Families on the Web, in an environment that is free from criticism and judgement. We offer a place to share our joys and sorrows, daily trials and tribulations and to network together for the betterment of ourselves, our family members and Families on the Web members.

greenball.gif Highland
  "A site by Survivors, for Survivors of Covert Sexual Abuse." A powerful site that includes definitions of abuse, links to other survivor's pages and biographies, and Survivors' poetry and prose.
greenball.gif Incest Survivors: You are not alone
  CJ's Incest Survivor site is a comprehensive resource not only for survivors, but for friends and family of survivors. CJ makes some very powerful points on her main page, and goes on to provide a lot of helpful material, links to more resources, as well as a message board and webring. This is one very helpful and resource-full site.
greenball.gif Mental Health Net
  Searchable site. This is a comprehensive resource site, providing online therapy resources, yellow pages for professional and self-help resources, discussion forums, opinion polls, articles and resources about dissociation, PTSD, multiplicity, and more.
greenball.gif - Exploring the Online Delivery of Mental Health Services
  Searchable site. NetPsych is focused exclusively on web-based mental health services, and provides a substantial list of support resources as well as billboards, chat functions, and discussion areas.
greenball.gif New Hope Healing Institute, Support Services for Abused Adults
  NHHI is based in Indianapolis, and provides online as well as walk-in and day-program services for adult survivors. Their website provides abuse information and links, group support information, forums and chat, educational support groups, and newsletters.
greenball.gif Psychohelp - Secrets of Psychotherapy Revealed

In their own words:

Psychohelp is a non-commercial organisation run by student psychotherapists. Our aim - to promote different types of counseling & psychotherapy models.

We give descriptions about what types of counseling are available - what each method of psychotherapy intends to achieve for you. We give practical details about cost, time, and describe a typical session. We talk about items which make up the counsellor's tool kit. There are pages on counseling theory, practice and information upon different psychotherapy models which a counselor can use.

This is a site well worth exploring (select their top banner to go to more pages); containing a wealth of information and resources about psychotherapy, counseling, and more - from both sides of the fence.

greenball.gif Sexual Abuse Survivors Page
  For survivors of Sexual Abuse, their families, friends, support systems and anyone who is affected by Sexual Abuse.
greenball.gif Sidran Foundation and Press
  A national nonprofit charitable organization devoted to education, advocacy, and research to benefit people who have experienced or witnessed violent and traumatic events.
greenball.gif SOSA - Survivors of Spiritual Abuse
  The author of this site, P. Fredrick Towers, describes it best:

"SOSA is here as a resource for anyone who has been abused in any way in the name of a religion or spiritual belief. By spiritual and religious abuse, we mean abuse done in the name of, brought on by, or attributed to a belief system of the abuser or abuse from a religious leader. This can include, Priests, Ministers, cult members, family members, or anyone abusing in the name of a diety or percieved diety. There is also an emphasis on those with MPD/DID, as this survival mechanism is used by many that are severly abused."

greenball.gif Soul's Self-Help Central
  This site provides email support lists as well as links and information about sexual abuse, dissociation, codependency, types of abuse, lesbian issues, and multiplicity.
greenball.gif Survivor's Art Foundation
  Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to empowering visual and performing artists with collective creativity and effective expressive outlets, via education, web gallery, outreach programs and activism. Our goals are to promote the healing and well-being of trauma survivors and to advance public awareness, thereby enabling the amelioration and prevention of the causes of trauma.
greenball.gif Survivership Home Page
  Survivorship is an "International Forum on Survival of Sadistic Sexual Abuse, Ritualistic Abuse, Mind Control & Torture", providing information on abuse of all kinds, information on triggers and how to deal with them, workshops, conferences, resources, and seminars; and the Survivorship Magazine, a quarterly publication including pages for partners, teen, and gen-X survivors and children of survivors.


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