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purpleball.gif A New Start

Kathy is a gifted and powerful Writer and Poet, evoking a tremendous range of thoughts and emotions with a sparing, yet incisive pen... Very few authors have written in such a manner as to bring tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat - Kathy is one of these; for through her writings and poetry (read "Daddy's Girl"), she shares the heart-wrenching reality of the abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of her father and adults who should have protected her... and the equally painful reality of recovery, and the insights resulting from the recovery process...

Her article "Is This ME? it YOU?" is not only one of the most insightful looks at what being a survivor means; but also a gentle yet direct look at survivor symptomology - like she asks in the title of this article, "Is this ME? it YOU? Ask yourself as you read... the answer could put you on the path of recovery...

purpleball.gif A Survivor's Poetry of the Soul

Bonnie's deeply moving poetry will give you a unique insight into what life is like for a survivor, the thoughts and feelings we live with daily, the part of our life and being that others do not want to hear or know about - read "Invisible" and "At Night"; her poems "Monster's Shame" and "Our Secret" give a chilling glimpse of an abuser through the eyes of the child... all of her poetry - her own, and others she shares here - is hauntingly beautiful and, as she expresses in the introduction, a Window into the Soul...

purpleball.gif Out of the Abyss
  The author's (GhostWolf's) poetry. I started writing poetry in 1965 as a way of expressing the feelings and pain I felt, the memories no one wanted to hear about... I turned to writing, to poetry, after repeatedly being told by my guardians and others "It's in the past, forget about it, get over it, get on with your life"... if only it were that easy...
purpleball.gif Poems by Diana
  Diana is an incredibly powerful writer and Poet, and touched me deeply with her poetry... "I Want to Live Before I Die" expressed so much the loss I feel for the years spent in denial... "There's a Child Within" echoes the childhood I never had... "Spoon Fed Lies" the double standards and contradictions of life... and "Going through the Motions" the incredible exhaustion of simply getting by in a world that seemingly doesn't care... Diana was introduced to me by a very dear Friend, and has herself become Friend to me... Thank you, Diana, for sharing your Soul with me - and the world...
PURPLEBALL.GIF Recovery Poetry Spa
  Al is an abuse survivor who invites anyone who has experienced abuse or addictions of any kind and wishes to write about it (and/or their recovery journey) to submit their poetry and writings for posting at his Web spa. Many have done so already, and their poetry and stories are worth reading. Al also provides a list of hotlines as well as links to several recovery sites providing futher support resources and hotlines.
purpleball.gif Silenced Child

Silenced Child is a young teen Survivor-Poet of uncommon and astounding Power who - with no other outlet to express the horror in which she lives - has chosen the media of Poetry combined with the web to give voice to that which she dare not speak aloud... and her Poetry does more than speak to the soul; it brings the living horror she faces daily to terrifying life... a life that is all too brutal and real for her... Visit her site, read her poems... and know that abuse still goes on behind the oh-so-perfect appearing doors...

purpleball.gif Silent Tears

The incredible, powerful, and deeply moving poetry of an incest and abuse survivor... the poems on the main page are only a hint of the heart-wrenching poetry - emphasized with graphics and music - contained on Tisa's Silence page. In my opinion, this is a must-see site...

purpleball.gif Steeny's Realm

As the earth has its seasons, summer and fall, winter and spring, so does the Soul... Steeny's Gardens - The Flower Garden, and the Winter Garden, contain the poetry of a dear friend who has suffered much in life, and yet gone beyond to become a deep and gentle soul who I am honored to know as Friend... as the names suggest, the Flower Garden contains poems reflecting on life, love, friendship... and the Winter Garden is, where as Steeny shares, a place "where the winds blow, and snow covers all what is once beautiful and new"... Yet, spring does come, as her pages gently reveal...

purpleball.gif Victoria Elizabeth

Child Safety - This is a heart-wrenching site that I feel all parents should visit. Household things we would never suspect can take our children away. Heather's poetry says it all.

PURPLEBALL.GIF Wystoria's Fantasy Pages
  For many survivors, one of the greatest pains is that no one will listen, no one will hear... so we turn to other ways of expressing our turmoil and pain - and our quiet unheard triumphs... Linda, like myself, like so many Poets listed on this page, turned to Poetry - she is a powerful and moving Artist... One who captures the reality of what it is like to be a survivor, alone in a sea of humanity... who not only touched me deeply, but has also become Friend... Thank you for sharing Yourself with me and the world, Linda...



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