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Ritual Abuse

More than Conquerers
More Than Conquerors is a safe haven created by survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse/Ritual Abuse, Mind Control victims, Victims of Mind Control Experimentation, Brain Implant Victims, Military Torture or Programming, and/or those facing a dissociative condition.

Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing Home Page
RA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), pointers to helpful books, dates of conferences, summaries of cases that resulted in convictions, and much more.

Holidays and Symbols
A summary of "holidays" celebrated and perverted by cults, as well as a description of some of the symbols used.

Caution: RA survivors may find this list either triggering - or helpful. Many RA survivors find themselves on-edge and far more easily triggered around specific dates and/or phases of the moon, and may not realise why. Hopefully, this list may help the survivor - and their SOs - understand.

Santa Cruz Ritual Abuse Task Force
A site dedicated to survivors of Ritual Abuse and to enable support for RA survivors and their families and friends.

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