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Wolves on the Net


Adoption Sites

Each of the following organizations have wolf adoption and/or membership programs, with funds going towards rescuing and taking care of wolves, educating the public, and reintroducing wolves to the wild.

The Wolf Education and Research Center

Wolf Haven International

Allow The Wolves To Live In Peace
TundraEye's site provides objective information about wolves in Alaska; statistics on North American Wolves that includes current population, status, and percent of the original range inhabited; the Norse story of the origin of wolves and mankind; the compelling Wolves, Humans, and the Myth page which traces not only the origin of the word wolf, but also provides the origins of many of the cliches commonly used (cry wolf, a wolf in sheep's clothng, and more) - and stands in contrast to the Words page, which shares the Code of the Wolf - and as TundraEyes astutely asks in the introduction, "Could we really live by this 'code' if we tried? Do we even want to try is maybe a stronger question." Last but not least, TundraEyes also shares the lives and histories of the Wolves he supports... Teka, Cris and Nepane, and several more.. This is a site well-worth visiting repeatedly lest one forget the beauty - and courage - that is the Wolf...

BossWolf's Den
"Canis Lupus on the Web" - dedicated to the wolf and its descendant, the Siberian Husky. This is a site is very informative, and provides articles, pictures, and even sound clips as well as links to other wolf and canine sites.

Diane WolfSong
Diane Wolfsong has created a beautiful, haunting, and poetic site dedicated to the Wolf, Cherokee, and Cheyenne People... Diane is also a very accomplished Web professional, and offers graphic and web site design. Be sure to visit WolfSong, you won't be disappointed!

RavenSpeak is dedicated to Wolves and Ravens - and the Truths both hold should one but open their own Spirit to that which the American Indians have known for centuries... The first page alone is heart-wrenching and provides several excellent links to wolf resources and sites... Other pages provide wildlife, shamanistic, and Raven resources.

Tahoe's Spirits
Very few people have ever had the incredible experience of seeing a wolf, or being near a wolf... fewer yet have had the privelige of being accepted completely, unconditionally by wolves, for that takes a special spirit, a unique spirit... Toni is one such Spirit, and she shares in her hauntingly beautiful pages her life with Tanaka, Makui, and Satuka; shares the wonder of being allowed, invited to be present, inside the Den, as Makui gave birth to her pups... and the wonder of being outwitted by the wolves as they played with her, planning and carrying out a definite - and humorous - ambush...

For a special and touching look into the lives of Wolves - and into the life of one who is one in Spirit with the Wolf, visit my very special Friend Toni's pages... and step, for a moment, into the miracle that is the Wolf...

The Spirit of the Wolf
A beautifully done site with incredible artwork, background music, photographs, and many links and rings to other wolf sites.

The Wolf Page
Jaala's Wolf Page provides a constantly-updated Wolf Info page giving the latest articles about wolves that make the news; a beautiful gallery of wolf pictures, wolf links, an online wolf survey, and a form for subscribing to Jaala's Wolf Newsletter.

Wolf Light
Kat's Wolf Light page presents her thoughts and love of wolves and beautifully-done paintings and photographs on a dream catcher background; links to other wolf sites as well as the Wolf Ring link, and the history of the four wolves she has adopted through Wolf Haven.

Wolf Pages
Michael's Wolf Pages are a thorough resource for learning more about wolves, providing an overview of wolf myths through the ages and American Indian perspectives, as well as links to the Yellowstone Wolf Tracker site, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Wolf and related organizations such as the North American Wolf association, Ginger's Wolf Cam, a Windows95/98 Wolf Scheme, and several Wolf Web Rings.

World of Lady Wolf
Lady Wolf's site is excellent and her wolf page is incredible and hauntingly beautiful; and not only is a masterpiece of web creation, but is also one of the most informative sites on endangered species, nature, and Native Americans that I've ever had the pleasure to visit. Be sure to look at all of her links; and please sign her guestbook to let her know what she is doing is appreciated.

Wolf Scratchpad
" intensive resource listing of wolf, wolves, and wolf dog hybrid sites and is dedicated to the many friends and supporters on the web."

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