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My "Adopted" Wolves

Dedicated to Wolves the world over - with thanks and gratitude to Lady Wolf, who made this page possible.

Why "Adopted" in quotes?

Because the financial support I provide goes equally to all the wolves at the centers, because there were no mounds of legal paperwork to fill out to "adopt" them (smiling) -

Come and meet Tenino and Joe, my adopted wolves...

Wolf Haven International

Wolf Haven International rescues and takes care of wolves that have been raised by humans - and are thus incapable of surviving in the wild - and also rescues and takes care of wolves that, for one reason or another, have placed themselves in a dangerous position. Part of their funding comes from their adoption program.

Tenino Montana - pronounced "Teh-NINE-Oh"; Alpha Female

Tenino Montana - Female Black Wolf

Tenino Montana is four years old, and was one of six pups born to the first litter of the NineMile pack of NineMile valley, Montana. She and her siblings were orphaned at six months; one sibling died shortly thereafter of apparent natural causes; and in 1991, Tenino and three of the siblings were captured after killing two steers on the Flathead Indian Reservation and transported to the Glacier-Waterton National Park in Montana, and released.

The pups stayed together about a week, and then Tenino crossed back into Eastern Montana, where she killed two lambs. She was captured a second time, and because she was young enough to adapt to captivity, the U.S.F.W.S. contacted Wolf Haven International.

Tenino arrived at Wolf Haven on June 18 1991, where she was joined by Joe, her new mate, three weeks later. Joe and Tenino had a rough time adjusting to each other and captivity, but are now very playful with each other as well as becoming comfortable with people they know.

Joe Montana - Tenino's Mate and Alpha Male

Joe was taken from his den as a 10-day-old-pup for the purpose of producing wolf-dog hybrids and left to himself - alone - in a 20 foot enclosure for four years.

Joe was given to the Human Society when his owner left home, and the Human Society contacted Wolf Haven.

Because Joe never had a chance to grow up with other wolf pups and live for even a little while in the wild, Joe lacked the skills and experience needed to adapt to and return to the wild. Joe also had very little contact with humans during his first four years of captivity, and had a subsequently difficult time relating to humans at Wolf Haven.

In 1991, Joe was introduced to Tenino, and now they share their own off-tour enclosure. They play well together, and her increasing comfort around humans is influencing Joe, for he is becoming more sure of himself and less shy around human beings.

Joe Montana - Black Wolf

The Wolf Education and Research Center

I am a supporting member of the Wolf Education and Research Center, which also rescues wolves and provides a wealth of information about wolves as well as information tailored for school presentations and research.

Part of their funding comes from their adoption and their membership programs. "Adoption" gets you the packet of photos, updates, and information about "your" wolf; so part of the fees you pay go into producing those packages. With membership, all fees go towards supporting the wolves.

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